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Struggling newbie


I am on W4r2 but am not finding it easy.

Apart from all me being stupidly unfit I keep finding odd niggly things that don't help. I can run without tissues, every time I struggle with keeping my headphones in my ears and my hair inside my hat, my Walkman pops off my clothes and I end up jogging whilst trying to stuff it back somewhere ... I seem to be totally chaotic.

I have to say I feel so inadequate as a slow jog for 5 mins isn't something I am finding on earth will I be able to manage 8 minutes next week?

I don't intend to give up but I am feeling very pathetic

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Take a deep WILL get better! I still have runs where I feel like everything goes wrong. Ear buds pop out, nose runs like crazy, sunglasses slip, the list could go on and on. As you build confidence and become more comfortable with running, those things won't happen as often, or if they do, you will be able to handle it better. As far as pathetic, try not to feel that way. I would dare to say 80% of the new runners feel that way when first starting out. We were all beginners at some point, just concentrate on getting through each run, regardless how slow...YOU CAN DO THIS! You ma surprise yourself with the next run! 8 minutes for me, really didn't seem any longer then the 5 minutes. Hard to believe, but true! :-) Good luck to you and please visit here often for any support you may need! :-) Gayle


Hi there, well I am certainly no expert, just completed W4 today, and nearly every time I go out I get the twinges of self confidence. But give yourself a pat on the back, think where you started and where you are now. I had the treat of seeing someone I knew the other day, was on one of the jogging sessions, bit out of breath, didn't want to stop though, attempted to say 'hi' and practically dribbled! To be honest I try to laugh at myself, at the end of the day I am gaining so much from this. Remember what it says on the main pages, there is no such thing as a bad run. Hang in there, as already said come to this forum for support, I only joined recently and find it brilliant, it's like having a gang of mates all willing you on.

Take care and don't give up, you can always repeat a week.

Mary xx

Well done for getting to week 4. It's hard work but think how far you have come. Slow is fine - I am very slow but better slow than not at all. A couple of months ago 1 minute was a struggle but I've just completed 25 minutes. I'm far from fit or the size I'd like to be but in the last few weeks my lung function and stamina has improved. I'm sure yours will have too. Just reflect on what you have already achieved not what you can't do :)

The annoying niggles will get better I'm sure. The earphone thing is one of my niggles - think I'm going to go shopping for some different earphones!

Good luck and keep at it x


The earphone thing was driving me crazy too but can't afford new ones just yet so I have been putting cellotape over them. I wear a hat and have longish hair so no one can really tell. It works for now and I will treat myself next payday!


Don't give up - I have been where u are at but kept at it and I'm now on wk 9. I never thought it possible but trust me you can do this too. If you feel down just read some of the other comments and questions, I found them really helpful and motivating. You are already a runner and that's great!


Thanks folks. No one knows I am doing this so it is good to know I am not alone in my struggles.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE! (with big echoey voice)

Now lots of people know you are doing it, and are willing you on! :)

I graduated a couple of months ago, and I am still very slow (but have managed to run for as long as an hour!) - and my last run wasn't a very nice one - but I am still so very glad I started this. I am definitely so much fitter. I work in a primary school, and today I went to collect a child from outside, to come and work with me, and because I shut the door by accident (and didn't know the code!) we had to go the long way round to get indoors. And I ran - and he couldn't catch me! He he! It really made me smile! OK, he's only 6, and not very fit, but I am quite sure that wouldn't have happened last year, because I wouldn't have even tried to run, because my ankles would give up after about ten steps.

Keep on running! :)

SoukiGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Oh my goodness I'm laughing, as yesterday I outran my 9 yr old!! He turned to me and said "god mum you really can run" proud moment :-)

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Souki

That's brilliant! :)

Anyway today I pushed myself, and ran 5k again (I've done it 8 times now) and felt really pleased with myself. It took 47 minutes, but who cares! :)

I gave up on the in ear headphones and got some cheap over the head ones- made world of difference. Hard enough to do the running without the other struggles but you'll find your way through. Good Luck


Well done on your achievements so far!!! I too have struggled every bit of the way and repeated one run twice and another three times. At first I beat myself up over it but now realise that its just the same as everything else in life some things you master easily and others take a bit more time and effort but you get there in the end.

My daughter has just started the program and the first things I told her is don't be surprised if you find it hard just keep at it, take tissues with you as you will dribble when gasping and your nose will run continuously. Get your ipod at the volume you need before you start as you wont want to be fussing with it when you run and make sure if its in a pocket its deep so it doesnt jump out. Where an elastic hairband over the top of your head and ears to hold your hair back off your face and your earbuds in. She straight away ordered both me and her some cheap earphones from ebay that arrived yesterday that hook over your ears so tomorrow I will give them a test run. I have tried jumping and jigging all over the living room and they haven't budged, it really drives me mad trying to put them back in when running.

Each time you go out you will put one of those chaotic things to rest and before you know it will be being told by Laura your officially a runner. I am now on week 7 and can't believe I can now run for 25 minutes (still a struggle) when just a few short weeks ago I thought my God 60 seconds is so hard how will I ever do this. But you will and we will all be waiting to read your success story when you do!!


Thank you folks - you are all so sweet. It is so good to hear people struggled. I only know a couple of people who run and they do hashes so are out for a couple of hours and that seems impossible...i just want to be able to outrun a small child now ;o)

I will investigate the over the ear ear-phones and I was thinking about a headband for the summer when I can't wear my hat (it doesn't keep all my hair in check but most of it at least).

Thanks again and I will check in after my next run - which won't be until Sunday now because of the rest day and then the enxt day I am out from very early to very late at a Uni open day with youngest!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to TeaAye

Glad my outrunning of small child has motivated someone. :D


OMG, whoever said that people could walk faster than they run, I could kiss you.

Didn't sleep well last night so got up at 5.45 and did w4r3 and made sure I was really slow and I not only managed to finish the session but felt so good that I thought I would try to run a tiny bit last the last one...managed 8-9 mins before realising I had to get home.

I now feel I can tackle w5; which frankly looks terrifying.

Forgot my glasses so it was a odd run and because the fields I run in were wet, I came home with soggy feet-joy. Still, feel like a proper outdoor running-type now. I do love my trainers but they are mostly mesh and I didn't think this morning that a road run might have been more sensible: doh!

But, thanks folk so much. Your comments have really helped me.

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