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Restarting after a false start!!

Hi Everyone

I've completed 2 runs of week 1 so far after a bit of a false start a few weeks ago! The main problem that I have is my knee (I have a long history of knee pain and many dislocations). So far, since restarting the programme at week1 it has been fine but I'm concerned that as I up the running that it will again cause me problems - it was the reason for stopping previously to completely rest. Also, being a larger lady, I am aware of the weight being placed on my joints when running. I really want to continue the running as I am enjoying it! Does anyone use a knee support or have any advice that they could offer me? This time around I have completed all my runs on the beach (hard, wet sand not dry sand) which seems to be helping.

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Wow shelleywills, "many dislocations" sounds very painful and very worrying! I've no medical experience, so I can only offer you my story of what has worked for me and hope there's something there that may be relevant for you.

I have hypermobile joints, but luckily for me not to the level where I have had to face dislocations. I have worn a hinged knee support for sports (mostly badminton) for years, as I just wouldn't be able to run around without it; my knee would give out if asked to make a sudden movement.

I wear this on my "bad" knee:

(I also wear one of these on my better knee -

and similar (but a lot cheaper) to these on each ankle -

- I look a treat!!)

I did a lot of walking and hiking, but didn't think the support was necessary as they were lower impact, although I now believe that was the wrong approach.

Since starting couch to 5k, I have been wearing my supports for all runs and have finally found something that has helped keep the joints in check while allowing the surrounding muscles build up strength and actually help the situation. I'd been taking painkillers for years, up to about C25K week 4 and I haven't had any since then. My knee pain simply stopped. I suspect that if I had been wearing my supports while walking 20-30 miles per week, that would have helped too.

I've also been doing my physio routine, which is similar to the strength and flex programme on here. I also use a wobble board and do balance training. My physio was very good at explaining what the problem was, and how I would need to train my knees and ankles to stay in their "right" positions and build up strength round about them.

It would probably be a good idea for you to ask for a referral to a physio, or see a sports physio privately if you can. (Mine was nhs, referred after I took up proper hiking, and then went for a little walk and did my ankle in!). They'll be able to give you advice on supports and helpful exercises.

I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck.

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Thank you - this is really helpful!


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