W9R3 done

Finally I made it. I have completed all the runs.

It took me longer than expected due to an op and then a head cold but hey, I did it! I went for the last run with the idea that if I could not do it, never mind as there was always tomorrow, but somehow my legs did it. When there was only 10 minutes left, I knew I could do it.

We are bush camping and I started along the track but this track was far too deep in what we call "bull dust" (powdery red dirt/sand) . It was hard going so I turned around and went on the beach on hard compact sand. A breeze. I pushed as far as 15 minutes then turned around and had no option but to run back same distance. It felt sooo good. I am so proud of myself.

I have discovered I don't like running in 30 degree heat, so early morning and the beach will be the future. While we are on holiday anyway.

Cheers to all,

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  • YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations! Glad you waited till you were feeling on top of things. I will raise my morning mug of coffee to your victory. Happy running, Miss Graduate, and get your grad badge up and twinkling!

  • Thanks mfamilias, I was not too sure I could make this last run but I did it. I am using trail running shoes and it works on uneven ground. Haven't worked out how to ask for my graduation badge as yet.

  • Wayhayhay. You did it! Congratulations. You must be well chuffed & quite rightly so.

    Great job โ˜บ

  • Oh I am Noaky, really chuffed! Thank you

  • Woo Hoo ! Yay Go you !!!!

    Well done , you're a star :-)

    Many Congratulations xxx

  • Thank you Poppy

  • Congratulations! Graduating on sand is impressive. Keep it up and keep enjoying it.

  • Thank you AHS, actually compact sand is easy. Soft sand is a bummer. I just have to make sure I run after the tide has gone out.

  • Many congratulations to you. That's a fab achievement and you should be proud of yourself.

  • Thank you princess

  • Congratulations! Hope you feel exceptionally proud of yourself!

  • Thank you Ully

  • Congratulations! You've done so well - look how far you've come!!!

    Enjoy your holiday and rest those legs of steel in the sunshine!

  • Thank you Lucie. I cannot rest my legs as I need to burn those extra calories I usually get during holiday time.

  • Many congratulations that is wonderful!! Running in the heat is so difficult!!

  • Thank you

  • Well done and congratulations, NHS.

  • Thank you Dundee

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