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There seem to be quite a few of us completing our first run of week 3 today - although all the others I have read found it a little easier than I did! My main problem was that my legs wanted to go faster than my lungs did!

Found it quote tough with breathing towards the end of the 1st 3 min run and took 2 puffs of ventolin during recovery walk as breathing wasn't recovering enough for the next run, but had no such problems with the 2nd 3 min run.

I had taken my inhaler while getting changed to go out as I usually do... and I did try the first bit with my buff over my nose and mouth, but found that my face was too warm!

Hopefully my lungs with get used to this!

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Maybe it's the cold air, it was very chilly this morning x

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It was very cold today so a big well done to you 🙂

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Thank you:)

I prefer cold and sunny to slightly warmer but wet!!


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