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So I have just done my first run of week 3, found running for 3 minutes hard and it has really knocked my confidence. Dreading my next run ☹

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Well it sounds like you did it though! There’s no rush and if you need to repeat a run until you feel confident then do that 😊

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Lammy82 in reply to CatMo13

Yes I did manage it with a lot a sweat and nearly tears. Hoping that my run on Thursday will be a lot better, it certainly can't be any worse.

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Hey, you did it though! Well done. I was on wk 3 last week, and the 3 minutes seemed to last forever and I didn’t think I would get through it. Today I did two 5 minute runs and didn’t want to stop. The 'slow down' mantra finally clicked with me, and that has made all the difference. Good luck with your next run - you've got this!

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Lammy82 in reply to Runip

Yes some how I did it, in a weird way I am starting to look forward to the days I run but today was a killer for me. But I will keep going and dig deep 😀

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Delight not dread.. anticipation not apprehension... You did this :)

Now... rest up... pop in some stretching exercise, and then head out.. steady and slow....

If it is a struggle... slow down even more.... trust the plan...believe in yourself and KNOW you can do this :)

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Lammy82 in reply to Oldfloss

I am 100% determined to complete the 9 weeks and beyond. Thank you for your words of encouragement 😁

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Well done. Don’t dread the next one, it’s the same as this one but with the benefit of extra training in your legs. You succeeded this time so you know you can do it.

I’ve just come back from my first run of week 3 too 😉 and like you found the 3 minute run really really hard and I am not looking forward to the next on Thursday but we can do this!!

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Lammy82 in reply to Biscuit27

I am running on Thursday too, we can absolutely do this and we will smash it 😀

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I did my first 3 min run on Monday and like you I struggled, but looking at everyone’s reply’s it looks like we’re not alone, run 2 of week 3 this afternoon so hopefully it’ll be a bit easier, maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to play five a sides tonight as well

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I'm on week 9 now, but remember in week 3 discussing with a friend how I might just stick on week 3 because I found the 3 minutes challenge enough. Now I'm finding the 30 minutes challenge enough and I can't quite believe I'm saying that and you will be saying it to. Trust in the programme and yourself - I actually do think it's a bit magic !

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Keep going - it will get easier. Slow down a bit if needed, and just carry on with the programme. Honestly, in a couple of weeks you won't be able to believe that 3 minutes seemed so difficult. (I remember when I first started even one minute was a struggle!) Trust in the programme and remember a lot of the time the problem is in your head not your legs. You can do it!

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