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Hard, but I did it! The 3 minute run was really hard, I have being doing it all at the gym because there is nowhere flat near my house, but I must be going too slow, what do others do? I walk at 5kmph and run?! at 6.5kmph. I’m going to have to speed up if Im going to do 5k.

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I have only completed week 1 due to start week 2 tomorrow, my first run I decided too go for 9.3 on the treadmill, no suprising I thought I was going to collapse! Lol I have now taken it down to running at 7.8 which I have found a more comfortable pace for me, with longer runs coming up I think I may even slow this down some more yet!

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mairi1Graduate in reply to Lisha89

I started off faster, but getting slower and slower as the runs get longer.

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Yep that will be my approach to, if I can manage 5k at the end then time and speed will not be of much importance to me just yet, I will just be proud to get that far , keep going at ur own comfortable pace!

You don’t need to reach 5k.... c25K is wrongly named in some ways as all you have to do to graduate is to run for 30 minutes (three times) no distance specified. So please don’t think about speeding up as it’s not necessary and on the longer runs as the weeks go by you’ll be glad of learning at a slow pace. And, then you’ll find after graduation you’ll naturally speed up

Liz x

Hi Mairi, that's my speed too -if that even!! I'm definitely a tortoise, but I'm a tortoise that's just done w4r2, (4.5 stone overweight) so go us!!! I'm sure speed will come, as stamina already is. Best wishes, and happy running x

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mairi1Graduate in reply to SnuggleMonster

Aw thanks for your reply, that’s just what I was needing to hear , as I thought i must be the slowest person out there. lol. Well done you for getting to where you are.x

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Nope it's not about speed I walk at 5km ish and run at 6.2ish

I usually walk around 6km (I am a fast walker naturally though!) and run at 8km, but some days I go faster and others I have to go slower because I’m feeling too sluggish. Like Lillybeth mentioned, it’s all about pacing and doing what feels comfortable. I’d rather get through the run then burn out half way through because I’m pushing myself too much. And just think, no matter what speed you go at, you are still ahead of everyone else who hasn’t even tried! :)

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Yes I would agree with all your replies, don’t worry about the speed , slow and steady wins this race. Stamina and the ability to think that you can do it at all is what this app is all about.

As you progress you may find that the weight decreases as well... or at least it did for me . I was 2 stone heavier in Jan than I am now- running and diet made a HUGE difference but it was mostly mental. The app teaches you that you can achieve a goal- slowly- and even if this goal is as simple as running 30 mins then that is good enough for me...keep on going you will achieve your goal.

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Did W3R3 tonight, 3 min run still really hard, found myself looking at app a lot checking out how much longer, wishing the seconds would disappear.lol.. can’t imagine running,.?! for much longer than 3 mins, but I thought that about the 90 second run , so I will wait and see.

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Well done i'm going at my speed don't care what speed just enjoy the run

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