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Helping with Foot Pain

Just to recap, last week (M-W-F) I completed the Week One runs following the podcast. Other than usual muscle pains and some stiffness I'd no problems and was generally pretty happy.

My intention was to use Sat & Sun (Today) as rest days and start Week Two runs tomorrow... I done a short 45 minute cycle yesterday morning.

Last night I started getting some shooting pains in the base of my foot near my heel, a couple of times walking back from the fireworks display I had to stop it was that bad. Never had anything like it before.

It's still there today and a little sore yet, are there any exercises I can do with the foot to help clear the pain? I'm looking forward to my Week 2 runs tomorrow.

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Soak your feet in warm (closer to hot than cold, though) water with epsom salts twice a day. It will relieve some pain and swelling (I do this all the time, it's been very useful). Good luck, let us know how you get on.


Sounds as though it could be maybe a touch of plantar fasciitis? - google it and see if the symptoms fit. If they do there's plenty of good advice online about effective treatments; I had it mildly myself when I first started running, and exercising and more suitable shoes sorted it out for me.

Best of luck.


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