Week 6 Finished!

Hi everyone! Just dropping in to give you a very quick update on how I've been doing.

Finished Week 6 today, with a 25 minute run. Found the first 8 minutes to be a bit difficult, but I must have zoned out after that because I was very surprised when Laura said I had reached the 20 minute mark! The last five minutes breezed by after that. I managed to cover 4.6K during the podcast, so not too bad!

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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  • Well done. :) That's a very impressive distance. I don't know how far I go when I run (haven't even thought to check it when I'm on the treadmill) but I know I covered about 3 miles between walking and running on W6,R1 last week, as I checked when I went that way in the car yesterday.

  • My pace seems to be between 3.5K and 4.5K on average during the podcasts (that includes the warm-up and -down walks). I use the Nike+ sensor and app to measure the distances covered. It's a very handy piece of kit! :)

  • Well done Muir was wondering how you were getting on so it was good to see your blog. That sounds like a really good distance too, but remember once you hit the longer times you may need to start off a bit slower to enable yourself to go the whole time. Its normal and many found they needed to do this. Good luck your now 2/3rds way through the programme. :)

  • I replied to you the other day, Oldgirl, but the response seems to have been lost. :/

    To sum up what I said, during the longer runs I've found that I "zone out" and only realise that I've nearly completed the run when Laura chimes in. i'm still aware of traffic and people, but I just simply lose all track of time. :)

  • That's a fantastic achievement, enjoy next week :-)

  • Well done Miur and keep on running :-)

  • I finished W6 today aswell but you're doing really well covering all that distance. Like you, I was really surprised to hear Laura say '5 minutes to go'. See you in W7!

  • Have fun! :)

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