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W7R3 With a bit of wind assistance!

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Hello everyone!

My general route is a long thin loop running northish along the seafront and then turning south to run/walk back. This evening I had a brisk afternoon sea breeze pushing me along which was great. I know Laura says to switch it up by changing routes, but I like seeing the increase in distance that i run as opposed to walk. The whole route, from door to door is about 6.4 km, and my newly minted ambition is to be able to run the lot. So, I have a way to go yet.That's quite a leap in ambition! 2 months ago running for 3 minutes felt like a huge goal!

Keep at it everyone - we can do this!

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Well done you, our goals are similar in that there are 2 loops both a little over 6 k on my doorstep . Like you the initial weeks were tough but I'm due to finish week 7 tomorrow while I know I've a way to go yet I know it's a achievable ...

I use a local park mostly as its flatter and I like to know my distance markers !!! Occasionally I run elsewhere still gaining confidence and will soon grace my local route ... Would like to get to 5 k first and use first 1 k as warmup and that would be my local route bingo😁πŸ’ͺ🏻😑🐌

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