my first time running with water, bit of a product review

my first time running with water, bit of a product review

Hi everyone - this is one of those posts where I'm going to teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

Brief background: graduated c25k, worked up to 10k, went back to improve 5k time, now working towards HM.

Anyway, I never had to carry water on a run before - the shorter run time o the 5k meant I didnt really need to think about in running fuelling.

One of the things I did notice in the early days of my c25k journey (the early days when you haven't yet bought any proper running gear in case you give up!) was that running holding a phone and/or keys in one hand was (1) quite distracting (2) unbalancing and lead to one arm tightening up through having to grip the whole run - i.e. not being relaxed, so I spent quite a lot of time researching/agonising over the best method of carrying water (this included considering planting unopened bottles at strategic points on the route!)

Anyway, I settled on the Kielder Ultimate Performance water bottle - I got mine from the ever reliable Amazon for £6.99.

The reason I chose this is because you don't actually need to hold it - that bit where the hand is through is like a sleeve with an elasticated band you tighten over the top.

The test in running included a reasonable effort to "fling" it off - pleased to say it remained in place, and once I got use to how the band felt around the hand, it didn't chaff or cause any holding/stress issues (this on a 90 minute, 13k run). I've got quite small hands by the way, not great big shovels, so if it works for me I would say it should work for nearly everyone.

Thought I'd let you all know in case you were looking for the same thing

Cheers everyone and have a great Bank Holiday Weekend!



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11 Replies

  • Looks good :) I have one of those bottles with the hole in the middle, can't run without at least a mouthfull every 5 or 10 mins as I just can't breathe through my nose up hills! how much does it hold?

  • Its 600ml milliepops. I only filled it to about 300-400ml and to be honest that was heavy enough. I'm not sure I would like the full 600ml of weight swinging off the back of my hand... Id probably consider one on each hand although that might make me look a bit crazy 😊

  • Hahaha but you'd get arms of steel :p thanks. Mine is a bit small but my tiddly hands find the bigger O shaped bottles a bit uncomfortable, so this looks like a good alternative.

  • I have a hip belt that fits 2 x 400mls in each little flask / bottle and use this for longer runs as 5k nothing needed now haha but when I first started think I was getting through 500mls during a 5k think I can do 10k without needing to sip also depending on weather of course but for longer definitely take my trusty hip flasks from lidl £6 I have no photo as at work at the moment :(

  • Hi DC34 - I did think about these as well - I was a bit worried they would be fiddly to get out and back in while running (I don't really want to slow down while I'm taking on the fluids) - do you find them easy to use?


  • Dead easy they are curved to fit hips and to be honest for the cost I thought if I don't use them no worries but I have and there good I would lend you mine to try but they're pink haha xx

  • You should experiment with holding it in alternate hands every time maybe?

  • Yeah I did think about that as well CG2. At the moment, I'm also considering running the whole race with about 400ml total (plus feed station at 1/2 way). This is based on how much I drank during the above run, which was basically a mouthful every 1km with some left at the end.

    I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes!



  • Thanks Andy, a very comphrensive review there .

    Have you considered a job at QVC ? ha ha :-D

    No, seriously, thank you for that , much appreciated xxx

  • Hi PP - I'll be in touch when I get my hands on a bumper pack of day glo leg warmers made of elk fur... only £19.99 plus P+P :)

  • Ha ha , Oh yes , please let me know. I have been after some of those for ages ! :-)

    Have a good day, Andy :-) xxx

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