Running in the dark

Hi there. Went for my third run yesterday in the dark. Felt a little bit nervous to be honest but I don't have any choice seen as its dark when I leave the house and dark when I get home!

How do other people feel about it. Am I being a silly scaredy cat? I don't live in a terrible area but I kept feeling like I had to look behind me to see who was about. I am going to stick to the main well lit roads in future.

Didn't help that last night, there wasn't a soul in the streets, not even dog walkers! 😳


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9 Replies

  • I run along the north bank of the Loire at 6h00. It's normally very dark, and I usually don't see a soul from the time I join the riverside path to the time I leave it (in 18 months I've met someone coming the other way once, it was my first run in the dark during C25K :) )

    I'm hoping that if I do meet anyone nasty then I can outrun them :)

  • I'm probably quite strange as I like running in the dark as I'm quite self conscious about running in public! I've ver really felt intimidated but then I live in a relatively small town where nothing ever happens! I did nearly fall over a pram last night as I was too busy checking for oncoming traffic and didn't see them in the dark! If you feel scared, maybe keep your keys in your hand and tell someone when to expect you back so they can ring you if you're late?

  • me too! I like the fact people can't see it's me or more specifically - my bum!

  • I did my first run in the proper dark tonight! I didn't mind it as I stuck to the well lit main roads but I do know what you mean. I think I'm going to do my big 20 minute run on Friday night in the dark as I know it's going to be tough!!!

    Elsie xxx

  • You will be surprised at how easy you will find that 20 minutes! I was :)

  • The thought is definitely worse than the actual eh? :-) x

  • Ano you are not being silly! It does feel a bit dodgy in the dark but as long as you do all you can to keep safe you should be ok. Take a phone with you, let someone knowing you are going out with an expected return time, take a personal alarm too. I stick to well lit streets in residential areas too. Wear reflective vest so you can be clearly seen and stick to the paths. Maybe plan one of your weekly runs at the weekend so you can be a bit more adventurous

  • I prefer running in the dark. Nobody can see me all red faced lol. It's pretty quite where I live, a little village. I stick to the main roads that are lit albeit not very well, can't see the puddles grrr. I don't tend to see anybody except when I go past the village shop, sometimes like tonight I don't see anyone. I like it that way, I don't feel self consious about my puffing and panting.

  • For road running in the dark I have a hideous reflective tabard thingy - they're a good idea so drivers and cyclists spot you. For off-road running in the dark (which is the best fun!) I add an LED lenser head torch and fell shoes (it's hilly and muddy where I live).

    The ideas above are good, especially to bring your phone, make sure someone knows where you're going and when you'll be home, and maybe stuff some bus fare in your pocket in case of twisted ankles.

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