The sounds of autumn

The sounds of autumn

This morning I had good company on my run - Oldfloss was there. I was not interested in distance, pace, time - I was listening as I went. It was quite windy, perhaps the strongest wind I have run in, so of course i could hear it whooshing through the trees as the leaves rustled and whispered. There were cars going along the road at first, of course, but as we got further away those died away and the birdsong became clearer, sometimes a delicate piping and sometimes the harsh croak pf a crow. The leaves rustled as my feet swished through the grass, and I listened to my footfall - getting more even as I ran on, then a gentle thud as I climbed over a couple of stiles, and the clang of a gate behind me. Now to go up the hill and the sound of cars on the nearby main road - lucky I realise when the sound changes and it turns out to be the milkman as he's going a bit fast for such a narrow lane and I have to get up the bank. Carrying on up the lane there's a tap tap on the ground and a bit of a snuffle - a couple of sheep are watching me through the fence. A little further up the lane I can hear a rattling gate - it turns out to be a young horse scratching his tail on the gate, but seeing me he charges off to let his friends know haw scary I am so they assemble further up to snort through the bushes at me. Now off the road, back in the orchards and a pheasant whirs up into the air. A lot of the apples have been picked but there are still some ripe ones on the trees so a soft plop can be heard every so often, and then the hum of a tractor starting up, ready for more apple picking. Then back to the crunch of the track back to the road. So many sounds, and somehow listening to them heightens the other senses so that I notice the beautiful sky and how it changes as it gets lighter. Then, too, as I try to use the advice from running club and synchronise the movement of opposite arm and leg, I hear how my foot lands compared to my arm movement and realise that my left arm always gets a bit left behind, or maybe it's that my shoulder is further back, so I straighten up s bit and consciously make sure that arm is doing as much as the other, resulting in a better rhythm. Thank you Oldfloss and I hope today has beena happy one for you, maybe with a small arrival...


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  • A flossy style ramble! Wow.

  • I am lucky to be able to run in a place where, inspired by what Oldfloss wrote about listening, I was able to hear such a variety of sounds and to have such a lovely ramble.

  • Lovely post orchards , sounds a terrific run! I have route envy! πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • I am so lucky with such beautiful routes on my doorstep

  • Beautifully written, I felt as though I was there with you on your run. Thank you.

  • Thank you :-) It was so good to be out i wanted to be able to share it

  • This is so beautiful, and after an extremely sleepless night.. ( no news to report :)) very, very welcome this morning.

    A simple lovely run and a truly evocative photgraph....your run, sounds, quite literally to have been delightful and I am so touched that I was able to share it with you.

    It is true, as you say, about the heightening of all our senses, and, of course we are all so different and our running paths take different routes, with different destinations...but just to run, listen, feel and hear, can, as you have demonstrated be so, so, uplifting.

    Thank you x

  • 15 months ago I was waiting as you are now - so difficult to concentrate fully on anything because a part of you is focused on being sure not to miss even a hint of progress! I hope you will soon have joyful news.

    Meanwhile, thank you for being there on my run. I feel so privileged to be able to enjoy such a wonderful environment and experience all the little changes to it.

  • Orchards, what a lovely run you've had. Like Jacs-W I think I too have route envy.

    It's lovely to share all the sounds you hear on your run and feel I can hear them too.

    Thank you.

  • Loving the autumnal runs! The weather is positively balmy 😊 I was in the woods the other morning, underneath the fog line, but it was so quiet. The only sound was of me padding along. it was like there was only me 😊

    Off out now,headed for the trail. Make hay while the sun shines folks! Albeit a bit watery sunshine today ☺

  • Lovely post. I always run 'naked' these days - if you run in the country it's always a pleasure to experience the sounds as well.

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