Unnerving experience!

Just a reminder to all us ladies who run alone.

I was out doing a steady 5k today. Just into my last K and I rounded a corner where a youngish man was standing at a bus stop a few metres ahead. When he saw me running towards him, he suddenly set off running himself in the same direction. He maintained a steady pace ahead of me, but kept turning round to check I was still behind him. He wasn't wearing running attire btw.

I felt a little unnerved by this, so crossed to the other side of the road - he followed suit. At this stage of my run I normally turn into a side road which eventually leads to a short rural footpath which brings me back round to home. As the weirdo was ahead of me and not looking round at that point, I dodged down the side road hoping he wouldn't notice.

I ran for a couple more minutes when my Garmin bleeped 5k so I slowed to a walk - at this stage I turned round to see him coming up the lane behind me.

By now I actually felt a bit frightened rather than just irritated and was relieved to see a couple walking their dog just ahead. I upped my pace a bit and walked immediately behind them for my cool down - next time I looked, he had turned round and was was walking away.

Scary stuff - keep safe out there girls xxx


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18 Replies

  • Saruma, you ought to report this. It may be nothing but better to be sure.

    Stay safe.

  • Very scary... yes we all need to be street wise if running alone even during the day. Hope you are ok and yes stay safe


  • Not wishing to be alarmist - I would report it. There have been a couple of similar incidents in our v small devon town and it has unnerved me. I run early in the morning - so I have changed my running time to later in the day so there are more people around.

    Thanks for reminding us about our personal safety.

  • It certainly sounds like an active attempt to intimidate you. I'd agree, worth letting the police know.

  • Yes I agree. Report him to the police. Scary stuff!!

    I seen a pedometer in Avon with a torch and alarm on, may be worth a purchase ladies an gents.

    Stay safe.

  • Yes, report it...he might be known to them. Even if you don't want to do it for you, do it for someone else who might not have dog walkers to walk with x

  • I help with neighbourhood watch and the PCSOs are fabulous..just in case you feel uncomfortable telling the police!

  • I work with a PCSO, so will speak to her about it tomorrow and see what she suggests. I just feel a bit fussy taking up police time with something that was relatively trivial. But I have to be honest it has put me off a bit, I think I'll take a look at that pedometer x

  • Definitely report. Its not just your safety you're protecting but that of all women.

  • I'm also going to start varying my route. I always tend to run exactly the same route which is not really a good idea x

  • That kind of situation would concern me too - and I'd also report it, to put down a marker with the police at the very least.

    I think that carrying a small personal alarm is a good idea, especially if you're a woman running on your own - if nothing else it gives you some confidence. There are several at Amazon for example ( amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss... ). And don't ever be too embarassed to use it (you can always say it went off by accident!).

  • Really pleased you came to no harm saruma, but I agree with the others its worth telling the police as it could well have been a different story had the dog walkers not been close by.

    Thanks Landesman for link will be buying one of those a.s.a.p. Just a suggestion, I only ever run with one head phone so that I can still hear well what is going on around me, its worth considering if you don't already do this. Other one gets tucked into T shirt to stop it flying about. Stay safe.

  • You have to report this, it might be a vital piece of info to nab someone! If he's done it to you he may have a history. Thanks for the heads up, I walk my dog and run on my own and don't really think about it, I like the look of the watch alarm

  • I agree...def report it. Don't let the creep put you off running .

    Take care .

  • I agree with the others that you should report it.

    I bought a personal alarm from Amazon - the mini minder keyring - wow is it loud, it just makes me feel that little bit safer when running.

    I live in rural France and have had a couple of incidents of vans passing me then turning round (could have been nothing but it unnerved me) and an incident with a dog that went for me.

  • Glad to know you are well. Thank you for reminding us that we take our safety for granted sometimes. Will take precautions. Thank you!

  • With the nights drawing in now, we'll all be running pretty much in the dark soon so an alarm might be a really good idea. I do have one so I'll replace the battery and take it with me. Varying the route is also a good idea, so I'll be studying Google Maps later....

  • How alarming Saruma. What a total and utter swine he sounds. I concur with all the above about reporting the idiot.

    Even as a bloke, I'm wary of deserted streets and quiet paths now that autumn is drawing into winter. I'd keep to as public a route as possible at all times whilst we endure the darker mornings and evenings. Not always easy for the rural folks I know.

    Stay safe out there.

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