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Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I have just completed Wk5R3 tonight and really enjoyed it (to my surprise), just one thing was a problem...I run with the podcasts and a TomTom Spark fitness watch. When Laura said I has finished my 20 minutes I felt very fresh so checked with the time on my watch which stated I had only been running for 11 minutes. I wasn't sure which was right so decided to just run for 2 miles (which took 23:28) to make sure I at least completed the 20 minutes. I checked the watch when I got home and it appears to be right, meaning that the podcast was wrong. This has me worried that when I'm using it for week 6 the podcast is gonna tell me to run for less than its supposed to. Has anyone else experienced this? Sorry for the lengthy post I'm just baffled and have lost confidence in the podcast getting me ready to run for 30 minutes.


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6 Replies

  • Have you got the podcast playing at a faster speed? Double time? Have you pressed a "2" at any point. It has happened before!

  • Not that I'm aware of. I wouldn't even know how to do that or find out. Would the other podcasts be running normal when I come to use them?

  • Next to the play button there is an option to speed them up (and slow them down). If you've got that set it might happen with all of them. Maybe cross check before you go out? It would be awful to find out you'd only been doing half the time! On the other hand it might be something wrong with just that podcast. Very frustrating whatever and I hope you can get it sorted!

  • I looked and think I did have it on 2x. Glad I went by my watch so still got the 20 minutes under my belt. Thank you

  • Wrong run selected..

  • I did the x2 mistake , just once mind you! I thought mmmmmm Laura seems to be talking a bit quick is she in a hurry this morning. As JaySeeSkinny says, check next to the play button. Otherwise this podcast hasn't downloaded properly.

    Good luck and happy running

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