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Stomach for sale argh!

I've had IBS for a long time now so can pretty much cope with running and my issues. Sadly this week I seem to have had a bug of some sort making my tummy hurt and be very unpredictable. I've also been really tired and a bit giddy. So I'd really like to get rid of it now as my brain desperately wants to go out for a run (which is totally shocking lol).

Hence the sale, any offers! 😌

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I feel your pain! I have had ibs for a couple of years and the slightest wrong thing eaten makes life more difficult. I have my go to medication to help the situation but I would love to be able to get rid once and for all. I have done no running this week due to kids being home at half term and would like to get out myself! Onwards and upwards for a better week next week.


Nope... but hope it settles soon.


I hear you. I'm a runner with IBS-D, and sometimes the guts win out. For the most part though, running has been very gut-positive for me. Hope you feel better soon.


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