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Argh motivation needed again!


So it’s been exactly 8 days today since I last ran W8R3 and a 5k and I was super excited to start week 9 and gradtuate.... then life got in the way! Working late everyday, some horrible cold, a wedding at the weekend and friends leaving the city we live in all meant I just had no time for any running :(.

I need some motivation to get through week 9! Hoping to get to the gym tonight, then my friend is visiting tomorrow and Friday, then run again Sat or Sun and graduate next Mon or Tues but I feel so bad for my lack of effort this week like I’ve ruined everything :(

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Don't be so hard on yourself ... Running is just a small part of your life which by the way sounds pretty full on enjoy your work enjoy your friends and enjoy your running ... no pressure just do it !!! And enjoy ......

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Debell

Thanks Debell, I needed these words today! I forget sometimes that I'm going through a huge period of change (uprooting and changing career with my boyfriend) and that running 3x a week can't always happen!

I'll plod to graduation next week :D

Oh Becky, don’t beat yourself up. Life can get in the way sometimes. Run when you can fit it in and don’t put pressure on yourself. You will be fine once you put on those running shoes. Graduation is just around the corner (or maybe the next few corners) but you’ll get there. Good luck!!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to BlondeAmbition72

Thanks Blonde <3 (I love the GRADUATE Badge by the way!)

I managed to fit 1k in this morning before my legs, bums and tums class and hopefully going to fit W9R1 in tomorrow before my friend comes to stay... Only 3 more runs I can make time for those .. somewhere lol! x

BlondeAmbition72Graduate in reply to Becky1606

You absolutely can hun. Can’t wait to see the shiny Graduate badge next to your name 😊👍😊


Busy lives will occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you are going to keep running you will have to get used to this. Its no biggie, and can't be helped.

From what I can see its only been a week. No harm done. Get out when you are next able to, you wont have lost your fitness in such a short interval. Sometimes a little break in your running can actually have beneficial results. The reason most runners taper prior to an event.

Also, a nice good run after a hectic period is fantastic for clearing your head, so you might not feel like it, but force yourself out the door and you can reap the rewards of some quality time and headspace. You will thank yourself for it.

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

I needed these this afternoon thanks WhatsApp!

I'm glad you don't think a week off is too bad - I was starting to worry about it, but managed a quick 6/7 mins today as a warm up before my legs, bums and tums class and it was still very comfortable. Will try to start W9 tomorrow before my friend comes to stay!

Going to try force myself tomorrow :D


Great replies already Becky!

You can do it! You are so close to graduating. Nothing can stop you!

Let Mel Gibson give you a bit of motivation:


Becky1606Graduate in reply to _SimonT_

Hahaha Simon that video was PERFECT!

Graduation is only 90 mins away!


Hey Becky! You’re at W9 and you’ve already run 5k! You’ve got this. This is the final 3 runs before you take your place on the podium! There’s a “reserved” sign with your name on it! Feel bad? Oh no. You have lots to feel good about. Remember W1? Look how far you have come? You have done 24 runs and only 3 more to go! Did you hear that? 24 runs Becky!! You are a runner! Now go get your graduation badge! I’m waiting to do a big yaaaaay! 😉❤️❤️

I find I can only fit in a run twice a week, so taking me longer than most......keep at it!! Weddings/friends these are important things.....running can be caught up on x

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