Argh! Nerves

I'm on week 9 & I decided to try a park run as my w9r1. I've not actually run 5km yet so I'm a bit anxious about it. But I'm going to go very slow & try & make the difference.

I'm really nervous!!

I decided to do the South Manchester park run in the end so hopefully it'll go ok.

At least it's not bucketing it down which helps.

Keep saying to myself: It doesn't matter if I walk. The main thing is to finish!

Wish me luck!!

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  • You can make it to the end ! I'll be sending you virtual encouragement as I'm doing mine ( it IS raining here). Look forward to reading your report later !

  • Thanks henpen! Hope you enjoy your park run despite the rain! Xx

  • Good Luck!! You can do it! :-) x

  • Good luck! I'm just about to get up and go too ☺

  • Good luck !! Bet the momentum of others carries you when you struggle....looking forward to hearing how you get on :)

  • You will do great, and it does NOT matter if you walk part of the way. Many do. Have a great time!

  • Enjoy!!

    Look forward to reading about how you smashed it :)

  • Have fun! You can do it

  • Its 8.50am so I am thinking of you. Am sure you will take it nice and slow - your aim being to finish not just run for 30 mins like Laura is asking you to do. It is completely do-able - I did a local 5k as my W9R1 - you will be buzzing in about another hour!!!

  • Ah bless you will be finished by the time you read this x well done and how awesome you are for doing it xx

  • So how did it go? I found it a bit of hard going today - I think my hard run on Thursday was still in my legs!

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