Now i know why I'm doing this!

A few days ago i wrote a post about how i love but also hate running and that most of the time i don't even know why I'm doing this to myself.

I just did my second post graduation run and for the first time i ran 5k! It took 38 minutes so i beat my personal best for distance and duration and almost speed.

I feel elated! The run was really good. After about 20 minutes i felt great and like i wanted to go on forever.

So now i know why I'm doing this to myself, why I'm a runner. Because every so often (whether once a week or once a month) i will have a run like today and it'll all be worth it.

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  • Well done. It's the best feeling ever isn't it. I've had an awful week. Just been so busy and feeling a bit yuk in myself. Hadn't ran since Sunday and took a real effort to get out the door last night . But once I started it all came back to me too. Why had I put off going? I loved it!! Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it.

  • It really does! Well done for pushing yourself out of the house :)

  • Thanks. Knew I had too. Was worried I would struggle but was fine and now can't wait to go again!!!

  • Awesome! So pleased for you both! I love running too, only had one bad run where it was no fun, but really loved the rest😀

  • So pleased for you. Those runs make up for all the bad ones and they are great for your running mentality. Happy running.

  • It's a great feeling isn't it!

  • Well done!

  • Well done on your first 5k. :) :) 8) :) :)

  • I told my husband once that for me running is like being in labour, all the time I'm doing it I think " ugh I hate this and want it to stop" but as soon as I finish my run I think " that was amazing, I can't wait to do it again". Although having said that I did have a run this week which I thoroughly enjoyed from the moment I set off.

  • That is a perfect analogy!

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