I've returned from the dark :)

Hi all.. sorry I've not been about for a few weeks, sad to say my relationship between my hubby and I has ended, it's been a difficult few weeks and without going into detail.. my son and I have just moved into our new happy place.. I've not ran for 12 days now.. which has been a. Silly thing not to do as I know it would help with my positivity.. So tomorrow I will gear up and and return to the strong woman I know I am.. poppypug..I've tuned in to our Friday disco.. it's always made me smile. :) . see you all soon. Will now spend some time catching up with where you all been on your running journeys.. hoping old floss has some rambling stories..and IP , AND CURLY GIRL still posting.. missed you all x


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  • Still here..when you are ready...sending you warm thoughts for a journey taking you on to happy places.

    Lovely to have you back...:)

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I understand how difficult a time this is for you and please know it will ease. Good luck xx

  • We missed you sparky66 . Hope the good times come back soon😎

  • Hi sparky66 , sorry you have been through a rough time. Going for a run will help ckear your mind and make you feel good about yourself. We are all still here to support you. x

  • Life really hits one hard at times. That awful feeling when you realise just how little it can give - and how much it can take away.

    Please keep running Sparky.

    It's the only damn thing we do under our own steam, about the only thing where we not only rely totally on ourselves but usually find a bit of happiness in the midst of all the stomach aching, mind spinning, 'oh god I'm going to wake at 3am again eaten up with fear and worry' trip that someone else (or something else) has pushed us into.

    There is no 'magic wand' - only the hope that it will feel better someday, and it invariably does. The real problem is getting through all those days before THAT day.

    You run for yourself - literally. That, nobody can take away. It's yours for life.

    Wish I could offer more comfort, would if I could - life kicks us all brutally at times. All we can do is take some hope that if others made it through (and 'made it' is too active a description - often it is more a case where you just endure it and wait for the next thing to happen) and as we are all human and pretty much the same, we can too.

    Very Best Wishes my Running Friend.

  • such a hard time for you sparky but great that you are getting back out there tomorrow. It will do you lots of good I'm sure to pound the streets and get a little bit of normality back. John has written so eloquently above me all the things we understand about how you're feeling. Keep strong big hugs from Ali x

  • Sorry to hear that life has been turned upside down and running was put on hold. Great news though that you have found a happy place and can now get back to running. You will benefit from clearing your head and going for your own goals, well done and all the very best for the future πŸ˜€

  • Gosh you have been dealing with alot Sparky. But you sound like a strong & determined lady & life will get brighter. Especially with all us wierdo's alongside you.

    Take care of you now xx

  • Aw sparky I wondered where you were. I'm so sorry you're going through this but I know you'll get out there running as it will help to keep the demons away for a little while at least. Your running family is here and will give you lots of virtual hugs (😘)

    It's so great to see you back here again xxx

  • Sending you love, light, happy thoughts, hugs and strength. Hopefully that covers it πŸ‘ Just keep running and coming on here, I don't think this forum has ever failed to make me smile or get me out of the door. Running Rocks !πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Tough times, but running is your time. Use it to remind yourself just how much you can achieve and how strong you are. Keep posting.

  • So sorry you have been through such a difficult time. Your running will soon be back to where it was and I hope you enjoy that first run back tomorrow. Stay strong.

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear that but pleased that you and your son have found your happy place. I hope it's all good from here on in.

    Friday dance is a right laugh isn't it. I love our Friday dance round our handbags, or manbags. You can have that feeling on your runs too if you take your tunes with you

    I hope you can soon get back out there. Don't leave it too long!

  • So very sorry to read your post Sparky. Hope you and your son can move on and rediscover joy and laughter in your happy place. We're here for you :)

  • Love and prayers Sparky.


  • Sending my love and thoughts Sparky to you, your son and your happy new home. I couldn't reply yesterday as I was just too tearful! Home life here has been rubbish for a while, but I'm just not that brave yet!

    You know and I know that a run (albeit a pondering walk in my case at the moment) can work wonders in raising the spirits, if only briefly!

    Onwards and upwards to a brighter, happier future, x

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