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That week, run one

So, I can do three runs of five minutes! Astounding!

Got over taken by another runner half way through the last one...I thought for a few moments that I had gained another shadow, or was hallucinating! Anyway she had all the kit and a thingy for her phone on her arm and looked like she really knew what she was doing.

Nearly told her that she was showing me up, even though personally I think I rock the grey sweatpants, ratty tee shirt and bobbly old jumper tied round the waist look. And I have the lobster colouring that sets it off so nicely, too!

Unfortunately I can't talk and run at the same time, and she had in fact run off somewhere else by the time I'd gone two yards. I'm sure she'd have appreciated my fashion tips, though! Anyway, the distraction (where can you get a phone holder thingy, and leggings with splendid patterns, I wonder if she's done couch to 5k, etc) got me to the end of the run, so I'm glad she took that route today!

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Well done for doing your 3 lots of 5 minutes - it's a great feeling to find you really can do that, isn't it? There are lots of different phone holder thingies available on Amazon, ebay etc but work out what you want from it first - do you want to be able to see it as you run, do you need a place to keep a key, do you want to take photos... I am a tourist at heart and need to be able to take photos, especially at the moment when the colours are so lovely, so I chose one where I could easily get the phone out. I bought my splendid patterned leggings from a proper shop (in a sale) because I wasn't sure about size - they are very comfortable to run in and I feel good wearing them even when being mega slow :-D Although those are nice bits of kit to have they aren't essential - the thing I really wouldn't be without is my running shoes.

It's a very pleasing moment when you begin to be able to exchange the odd word or two with people you meet - the first time I did that I felt I had made massive progress. Sounds as though you're doing well - enjoy it!

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Thanks for the lovely reply! I am planning to get a phone holder if I get to the end of wk5, so I think I'll start to have a look round, I didn't realise there were different types.... Ah shopping, what a burden..😉 I'm going to get some proper shoes as well, when I current basic trainers are probably not going to do me many favours once the longer runs start in a few weeks. They are fine for what I'm doing at the moment though.

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Nice one Raven2016. Well done, you're going great. :)

I remember a few weeks ago when I first arrived down in Cornwall to stay at my sisters. That day I completed my run along the front at Penzance, and I had a young lady runner whizz past me! It does make one feel slighly unmanly when you are overtaken by a younger female runner who doesn't appear to be breaking sweat! However, she has probably been running all her life and I hadn't long started, so I just continued to try and forget about her and concentrate on my own battle with heavy legs and being out of breath.

As for looking 'lobster like' when you're running...I bet you anyone you go past who are sitting on a bench, in their cars or even on their own couch at home would secretly love to be in your shoes and also getting fitter with every run they complete! :)


Hee hee... just told myself we were going at the same speed for at least two seconds! So my grasp of physics is bad, who cares 😀 And as you say, she's been doing it since forever, most likely.

And you are right, of course, I'm much better off for running than not, and anyway getting blood to your skin is good for it... or at least that's what I'm telling myself.


It is so good for you in ways you have never dreamt of :)


Exactly! Everytime I'm panting like a steam train travelling at 100mph I tell myself the same. It's doing my body good! :D


Lobster red is , the, colour! many of us have experienced the myriad shades and hues! :)

It is wonderful what we think of whilst running, and everything we see.. often I am so wrapped up in it all, as my looooong posts bear witness to, that the run is over before I realise it!

Funky leggings are the way to go.. although your outfit sounds pretty snazzy! :) I have very funky ones...don't think i paid full price for any of them.. I watch for sales and end of season or lines :)

Loads of gadgets and holders and belts on Amazon.. i have a summer belt, that holds everything including two small water bottles, a very lightweight one, which husband has now 'borrowed'... a slightly heavier one which takes my phone , for taking pikkies with. I am like orchards . I like to take photographs to go with my forum rambles.. and an arm one.. This sounds extravagant, but I find the best price and I have had some as gifts!

I have been perusing the sales currently to get some new leggings.. they are amazing.. I shall post a pikkie as and when they get their first outing!

It is ahwol new world, this running world.. and it is totally amazing!

Go you for your three five minute runs... you rock!

Onward and upward... in funky leggings? x

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I thought this running lark was supposed to be cheap and basic. It seems it is in fact a non-stop shopping opportunity 😃Can't wait to see your snazzy leggings, Oldfloss !

I am going to make some , ahem, "suggestions"to the family about what Father Christmas might want to bring me, I think!

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You go for it..🙂


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