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Week 9, run 2, another 5k


So, I' m almost graduated and still astonished! I'm really enjoying these runs, since the last run of week 8 when I decided to go for the 5k I've just felt so much more motivated and now I'm trying to get my 5k below 30 mins so I have something else to strive for! Today I managed 31.56 which is faster than wednesday but not as fast as last Friday, never mind...

On another note, one of the kindy mums asked me if I would like to sign up for the Auckland 10k in November with her and another mum. Now, this is part of the Auckland marathon and the whole reason I got off the couch in the first place (my sister in law is doing the half marathon). However, I'm not sure I can do it, it would be something to work towards but I only have a limited exercise window and 10k seems so far..... Mmm... Something to think about.

Well. Anyway, here's to the next run!

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good luck with the final run im sure you'll PB it :)

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Oh, I doubt it, I still have those times of self doubt around minute 17... :)

well done

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Well done - and I think you're running quite fast already - I'm envious :)

If you managed 5K in 9 weeks, maybe 10K in another five months IS achievable? - At least it's a great goal!

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I wonder... I think having it as a goal is a good idea, no pressure!


You could easily get to 10k. There's the continuation B210K programme here, then there's the E210K and Galloway 5, 10, 1/2 and full M programmes on the internet - give it a go.



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I'll have a look at them, I've downloaded the c25k+ ones, stamina, stepping stones etc, bit nervous about the next steps!


mmmmmm graduation week at last - so a massive well done for making it so far I find it pretty amazing the boost you get from that 5k feeling & good luck on getting it done in sub 30. If it's not this week you will do next week!

... I've just been doing my maths for week 9 too and I'm going to move to starting the clock when I start the run (rather than including the warm up) & think I should be neck and neck with you at the finish - provided I can keep going. 31:50 is what I'm going at for W9R3 on Sunday

... I have also been looking at a 10k race - but this one is at the end of Sept .... so am thinking 4 weeks doing alternate sessions of stepping stone & speed from 5k+ (mainly so I can keep Laura) and then juicyju seems to quite like "Silky Steve" from Audio Fuel & they also do a pyramid training session so might get 12 weeks of that done & steadily extended the Sunday morning out towards 55 mins .... and then see how far off 10k I am

... Enjoy your graduation run & have fun

Happy Running


Thanks for that, I'm thinking of something similar too. Two 30 minute runs during the week when my time is limited and then a longer run at the weekend when my husband is around.

Good luck for this week. :)


well done, your doing amazing with your times. One run to go for you :-)

who would have thought, the time has just flown by hasn't it.

Keep us updated if you do decide to do the 10 k, to let us know how you get on. My long term aim was a 10 k run in October, but im still undecided what to do when this finishes, I'l still keep the 3 x a week runs, but not sure whether to focus on getting speed up or distance.

Look forward to reading your graduation blog soon..... so soon :-)

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