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Week 5 started with run 1 complete!

Well after a week of no runs at all I was really looking forward to getting back on the plan. So I decided to give week 5 a go instead of repeating week 4. I headed out in the rain and went along my usual route and managed to complete all 5 minute runs. The last run seemed to go the quickest probably because I had settled into a steady slow pace by this time. Still finding I have to concentrate on my breathing though. The podcast says in through the nose and out through the mouth... I'm just breathing in and out through my mouth as it feels easier. I'm unsure whether this is the wrong way though and if it would make a difference.

Still not looking forward to the last run of this week but hey ho! I'll give it a go ;)

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Well done you!

The trick is, breathe however suits you best.., just keep breathing! I held my breath for a large part of the first runs in the programme.. until they started getting longer ...duh!'

Just take it steady and slow, as ever, and you will be fine! :)

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thank you!

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Well done on starting week 5 with a successful completion of run 1, especially as it must have been a bit wet and miserable looking outside. I reckon that long rest you took has actually helped your body to recover back to 100% full fitness.

As for the breathing, I also do not breathe in through my nose like Laura suggests. I find that method too difficult to do to be honest.

Don't panic over the 3rd run. You will be fine, trust me. You've had no real problems so far and this is just the next step up. Yes it seems like a massive one, but trust me you can do it. As you know, I completed it, and if I did it then I'm sure just about anyone can! :)

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Thank you! I know how much you were dreading it too and I've read a few posts where people have said similar things but it is very motivating also reading that the same people, yourself included, have completed it. The music really does help too lol :)


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