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Week 9 run 1 completed - some thoughts 😊


Hello All,

Well, somehow, I am almost there! I thought I would drop a line especially to encourage anyone setting out in the early weeks of the programme.

I just managed my first 30-minute run😊. In spite of the frosty air this morning and the definite shock to the lungs, by 10 minutes in I had settled into my usual slowish 'trot'. I used my fairly basic pedometer and if it is accurate, I may just have covered 5K!

So, if you are in the early weeks, do take heart - what may seem unimaginable at the outset, really is achievable. In many ways the early weeks are harder than the longer runs, because you are forcing your muscles to do something so new. But by the later weeks, it seems both mind and body adapt as if to say, "I am just repeating what I have been asked to do before".

Trust in this very cleverly thought-out programme - and in yourself😊.

Two more runs to go - so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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Well done you and thank you for supporting us newbies. I'm W3R1 and was so pleased I did 3 minutes twice. The 30 minutes seems so unrealistic at this stage. But I'm going to keep going.

NotsoslothfulnowGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much - and good luck to you! Just think, you should graduate at the start of spring!


Congratulations on that 30 minutes and the 5k. That’s a big achievement 8 weeks or less since that first run. Enjoy run 2 and we shall be seeing you at that podium.

NotsoslothfulnowGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

You are very kind - thanks so much 😊.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Notsoslothfulnow

No worries... your “trot” is faster than I was running on the plan 😂

Brilliant! And if you covered 5k as well, you’re certainly no sloth so your user name is very appropriate!

Good luck with your final 2 runs of the programme. You’ll be on the podium before you know it. 👏👏👏

NotsoslothfulnowGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

You are very kind ... inwardly I am still that chubby sloth and I doubt that will ever really go away!


Well done..just cruise your way to that podium:)

NotsoslothfulnowGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much for your encouragement ... I am hoping that will be the case and I don't 'trip up in any sense😂.

I have read that it can be easy to get carried away and then pick up an injury. A year ago I had very painful sciatica and which made even walking extremely uncomfortable for many months - so I am of course relishing the current sense of freedom 😊.

That's amazing, well done. I'm doing that run next time, but I'm not sure I'll make 5k. However, will keep plodding along. Hope you enjoy your last few runs!

Thank you so much ... If I can so can you😊


Thank you so much for your post... I am just starting out and, whilst I've had an amazing fist week, I'm sure I will have tough weeks. And I do have to admit that some of those later runs do look a bit daunting! :)

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