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Back! more than one way

Did my first run yesterday after 4 weeks off with a puled calf muscle. I've been rubbing arnica massage balm in like crazy. Took myself back to W5 R1 ( I was on W8 R2... SO CLOSE). managed it fine! relieved that the stamina had not gone too much. Legs seemed fine. Sorry to go back but happy to be running again, I really missed it. I NEVER thought I'd say that! I've been reading Running Like a Girl during my time off.

Any hints for tight calf muscles, mine seemed to suddenly freeze on me.

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It's all in the calves. They will get stronger as you keep running. Just go steady. Avoid fast running and slamming the legs. You can do specific calf strengthening exercises which are excellent. I did weeks worth of them when I got a shin splint. They are on Google so,you can see what they look like. Stair hangs, foot lifts are the first two that spring to mind

I switched to lower drop shoes, eg 4mm offset and found those helped, as the more elevated shoes were encouraging me to,go,up,onto my toes

Doing squats will strengthen everything up as well 😊

Glad to hear you're back. Take care, go easy ☺

That book is very good. I read dit twice 😊


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