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I did it!

I actually got my backside out of bed and started the c25k process (again) this morning! After a slightly bumpy start, the wife was planning to get up and do her exercise dvd as well, but when the alarm went off she could t be bothered, I very nearly didn't do it, but I did. After that, I started the podcast with Laura, but it doesn't seem to work properly and kept jumping so after the 5 min walk I had to use a different c25k app I have! That said, at least I did it! Now the tough part, keeping it up :o

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Well done! You are on the way...keep posting...that is the way to make sure you keep it up

We will support and encourage..even a gentle push too,if needed🙂

Go you😊


Good for you! Just do it! Don't even think about it. If you adopt autopilot you'll be fine. If your wife sees that you are serious then maybe she will be keener ☺

C25k is a life changer it really is


Thank you :)



We're onto your case now, so it's too late to stop :) Just keep ticking the boxes and you'l be graduating before you know it.


Thanks, one problem I have though is clicky joints, yesterday afternoon and getting up this morning my joints are quite stiff and they click and crunch like mad. I have had this in previous times of trying to run again. Why is this and what can I do about it?


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