W4 R1.... Only went and did it wowwzers

W4 R1.... Only went and did it wowwzers

Ok was very hard, and I admit for the first time this programme I didn't finish an interval, on the 2nd run I went to a walk 20 seconds to the end, but once I'd recovered I ran (shuffled) again to make it up. Also the blummin hill, very long and on a steady climb came just at the beginning of that interval but very very chuffed with myself...... Who knew that 4 weeks, only 4 WEEKS ago I'd be able to run for 16 mins out of 30. So chuffed, let's see how R2 goes, I always feel deflated after that one, but I'll do it, for all those not sure about the step up, just give it a go. You can always go back and repeat week 3.

So so pleased (will do a happy dance when I get my breath back and my calves stop aching)


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  • Well done. That looks like one massive climb as well.

  • Brilliant!!! Well done you :)

  • Well done ! Especially with a hill !

  • Well done Jo , youre up and running !

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone, baked a lemon drizzle cake to celebrate 🍰 Weeeeeell I did burn a lot of calories yummy

  • Congrats! I'm attempting the same tomorrow morning, and I'm petrified! I've made it this far, so I'm hoping I can do it! Anyway, great going! 😊

  • Mother_of_whippets you'll do fine, fingers crossed, hope your confidence eating gremlins keep away... 50% mind 50% body. Good luck

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