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W4R3: done. W5: bring it on!

To keep myself accountable I'm determined to record ( ie post) my weekly progress. Last week the thought of moving to w4 was rattling around in my head. The great support community here, said go for it, you may surprise yourself. And I did. Very happy with that! Thanks folks! Next up week 5 and that will be huge. Only one way to see if I can do it & that's to try.

Have fun everyone and, as Laura likes to remind us all. You can do this.


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Well done PatentlyD on finishing week 4. I completed my 2nd run of week 5 today and boy did I struggle to get over the finishing line. I did, but only just. I really can't see me going for 20 minutes non-stop on my next run!!

All the best with your week 5! :)

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Well you'll be on w5r3 soon enough! Let!s hear how you go. Good luck.

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Well done for completing W4 runs. You will certainly make it through W5 most of us was apprehensive with W5 but trust me if I made it you will too. Just make sure you have those rest days when needed and of course go slow like Laura says it's just a light jog.

Wishing you the best for W5. YOU can do it. :)


Thanks! I'm truly amazed that I'm this far in!


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