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Newbie here - Day 1

Newbie here. I used to run socially when younger (10 years ago size 10), but middle aged now and GP referred for weight loss surgery (not something I want but I understand the health benefits). I was given about 11 weeks before my first dietician appointment. 8 weeks in and I've lost 12lb but that's been up/down and no exercise. Could do with a virtual running partner to start running and big push before seeing dietician in 3 weeks. I also want to dance all night at the Christmas party. Could you advise ?

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You have a whole virtual family of running partners on this forum! This is the most friendly, helpful, encouraging forum I have ever come across. Everyone here loves to run and what running can do for us, and is more than thrilled to welcome new members! There are always new runners joining who can keep you company, and a whole bunch of graduates whose experiences you can learn from.

Most of us do/have done the NHS Couch to 5k programme (with Laura on the podcasts or the One You app with some new "trainers"). It's a wonderful programme that works. We are all proof. Just stick to the mantra you'll hear repeatedly - slow and steady - and you can do it too.

Congratulations on the weight loss! That's tremendous. Running may not help you lose weight in terms of the scale, but it will make you fitter and healthier, and possibly lose the inches.

Welcome, and good luck!


I'd say crack on straight away. C25k is fab and do-able. You literally start off the couch and progress SLOWLY through the weeks. Gentle progression to see you from couch to Graduation in week 9

It's good because you can do it safely by just running slowly, so it's much easier. You develop puff and fitness as you go

It goes without saying that if you combine the sessions with healthy eating you will attain your weight loss/health goals quicker


Hello and welcome to the forum and to the c25k programme! All you need now is to go for it!

Get the podcast, plan what you wil wear, plan your initial route, plan your schedule.........then there are NO excuses you can use to talk yourself out of this brilliant programme!

You CAN do this! Read plenty of posts on this forum and post regularly so we can be with you on your journey. Enjoy😃

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Thanks jacsw. Yes must plan better. Zero planning meant I could not find a sportsbra and could not subject local community to that, so Wk1R1 5 min brisk walk, then alternate 2 min jog, 2 min brisk walk round the bedroom! by the way when it says run are we supposed to run flat out or just at a comfortable pace ?


Hi, the programme is about building stamina and strength which will get you to running 30 mins non stop. It is not about speed, that comes later after graduation. So you will constantly hear on this forum, go slowly and steady. That way you will be able to complete each of the runs! Good luck and keep us posted🏃🏻


get your running shoes on and get started. We will be your running partners... we will advise, and encourage, cajole and even give a small push if necessary!

Start now and by the end of nine weeks.. who knows? This is not a weight loss programme, but you may lose weight, some do, some don't i put weight on, which was good..for me :)

You will, however, feel toned and fitter and your energy levels will improve dramatically!

Are you on the NHS Weight Loss programme and forum..? lots of our runners on here are on there too and the two combine beautifully!


Podcasts for couch to 5k are available here:

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