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Failed on week 1 day 3 😫


Just been out and failed just before my 8th 1 minute run due to intense nausea! After the wrenching subsided I walked the remainder! Any tips - was running before breakfast not a good idea or the glass of water just before or just bad luck??? I really don’t want this to put me off before I’ve really got going! Just annoyed at the moment. Previous two runs I did just before lunch, however that won’t work when I’m back at work next week and busy 7-18.30 Monday to Thursday. Any suggestions? Think I’ll try week 1 day 3 again Tuesday evening after work - running the streets of Liverpool won’t be the same as the Peak District, although I won’t miss the hills!

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Hey used the f word!! Where’s my soap?! There’s no such word as just didn’t complete the run that’s all and you know exactly why...just for future reference:- F - first

A - attempt

I - in

L - learning

So if you don’t actually complete a run, just bag the stamina and distance and have another go.

I wouldn’t recommend running on just water if this is the result...try eating a banana 10 mins before you set off, that’ll give you some energy too. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take every run nice and steady...good luck...we’re all here cheering you on! 👏🏻👏🏻😉

Hello! I’m not an experienced runner (week 6 here) but found I felt nauseous when running too fast and nearly came a cropper in those early weeks! It’s taken the longer runs to slow me down and find a comfortable pace for my level of fitness and strength. I have tough moments and tough runs, but no nausea since running slower. It’s all about the pacing! Mummycav is right - it isn’t a fail, it’s a learning experience. Slow down, you’ll get through it and in a few short weeks, you will realise you are talking about struggling (or not!) with 20 minute runs. 🙂

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Ps. When I run in the morning I am just running on water, but try to make sure I have a good meal the night before.


There’s only one fail and that’s not crossing the starting when not injured or sick. You did 7 of the intervals and will be stronger next time out because of today’s work.

Running before breakfast has many advantages and I don’t see that would cause nausea. The water could... sipping it gets it into the bloodstream, downing a glass pretty much passes straight through and could be sloshing around the stomach at run time.

Nausea can also be a sign of running too fast, so try to slow it down a little.

So... you’ve done a week and scored 23 or 24... you want to call that a fail? Have a look at how much you ran the week before! Be proud of yourself and get back out there next time, relax, and go again.

I’m up in the peaks too... but I’d love to run the docks in Liverpool... the flat will be refreshing and the scenery is pretty good for city running.


Always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for ! Take it slow and steady and you’ll nail it. Not everyone manages every run first time, which is why the programme has a repeat function. Took me nine weeks of repeats to get through week 1, so in my book you’re doing brilliantly. Happy running 😀


Don't let it get you down, you just need to find what is right for you. I felt really sick often right at the start. Running really slowly is the key to getting through it so keep positive and have another go. I'm in the Peak District too. I did all of my couch to 5k on the flat trails...Monsal Trail, High Peak Trail...absolutely spoiled rotten for flat surfaces and amazing views! Now I am attempting to add a few very little hills as I'd better get used to it! They have that same nausea effect as running at the start did but each time it gets easier and I feel fantastic each time I overcome it. Good luck!


Thank you all for your words of encouragement - didn’t feel I was going too fast, but maybe I did for me right now. Will go again on Tuesday (but on the flat), redoing week 1 day 3 and see how I go. Just been out for a 5 mile walk with the wife and feel pretty good, even up the hills, but no running! Definitely a rest day tomorrow - I’ll let you know how I get on

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