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Evening all

W4R1 tomorrow then Malta for a weeks holiday. Mini gym at the hotel (Im still doing the programme on the treadmill at the mo) so will be able to continue and stick to the plan. Achey knees and ankles but not unbearable, tried stretches but must be doing it wrong. Hey ho, no big deal. Winter and the arthritis doesn't help, but using deep heat and give some me a good excuse for an extra long soaking in the bath!

Suspect I may have flat feet so going to have the gait analysis done and treat myself to trainers that best suit my requirements. I'm thinking if I invest some money into fancy kit than I'm more likely to persevere to get my money's worth. Bought myself an activity tracker too! If only they sold new knees off the shelf!😜.

To hopefully give you a chuckle I have to confess that I made an arse of myself on W3R1 - I discovered that if you close your eyes whilst running on a treadmill you end up falling off it with a mighty crash whilst shouting out in surprise! That certainly earned me some odd looks! Don't ask me why I thought running with my eyes closed would be a good idea, I have no idea what made me try it. I think it's fair to say I'm gormless and surprised I've made it to the ripe old age of 45!

Hope you are all keeping well. Take care and all the best. Nice to have you out there listening to my ramblings whilst I get your good advice. It isn't a fair trade, I get the better deal, so I'm not complaining 😜

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Seems like a fair trade - I've never seen anyone fall off a treadmill, but I have now (at least in my head!). Good luck with week4!


Sorry you fell off the treadmill but thank you for giving us a giggle by sharing your experience!

Have a wonderful holiday in Malta, but can I please, please encourage you to get outside and run? It's such a lovely place to run, and running tourism is the best! Especially if you now have an activity tracker - you'll be able to look back on it and see it as your first outdoor run! how special will that be? Go on, try it! There were quite a few runners in Malta when I was there so no one will look twice - and at least you won't fall off :D


That is some image.. made me smile. but ouch! Well done you, for getting on this journey!

When you do get chance...get outside, as the others say, it is great. I ran on hols in France.. not much, as it was toooo hot.. but met some great folk, all runners... and a couple of nice anglers too !

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Glad it's given some people a smile, that was the intention 👍🏻😃.

Will get outside soon I promise, I'm still working on my confidence yet and the treadmill is my comfort blanket, but outside running is my goal, just need to takesmall steps and stages. My mind works in funny ways and I need to plan most things in my life in a way that prevents me plotting and scheming to defeat myself, this is just one of those plans. But I won't let you down and will get to outside running as soon as I can I promise.

Just finished W4R1 - noticibly harder, definite change in effort. Don't mind admitting it was a struggle, think I need to get to grips with my stretching exercises on my rest days or I can see it only getting much more difficult.


Well done !

You are doing great , whether on the treadmill or outside , youre still running !

Enjoy your holiday, and maybe you could venture outside there , if you feel up to it .

Good Luck and please keep posting so we can support you along your way :-) xxx


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