Starting this evening - supposedly!!! :-(

Hia, I'm Lorraine1108 and having done this before I know I will love it and get a massive sense of achievement and the feel good factor comes in bucket loads. Stupidly, I stopped running and now have to start all over again, probably best from the beginning!!!

I really wanted to get Christmas out of the way and get back into a routine of work/home balance so was kind of looking forward to today. I bought my kit to work with me to give me the option of starting in my lunch hour ........... and then didn't!! I promised myself that I was going to start today but now it's cold and I've been freezing all day and it will be properly dark by the time I get home at 6.30pm. Really want to start though, at least then I will have "kicked off" and be on day one. Hopefully i'll be back later to let you all know how I get on but any "kicks up the a**e" would be massively appreciated, thanks.


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  • Completely dark here and absolutely freezing but I am going out in about an hour's time C'mon you can do it. I'll check back in later to hear how your run went :)

  • Aaarrrhhhh, bless you. See, now I have to do it otherwise I'll be letting you down. I secretly already know that I will be super pleased with myself afterwards - it's just the initial getting out and getting it done. Sincerely hope that I'll have great things to tell you later as opposed to what happened in Emmerdale when I should be outside actually running!!! :-) x

  • You can totally do this... get out there.

    We've all been out in the dark, the cold, and the wet, wet, wet....

    My next run is tomorrow morning at 7.30 a.m and it has given rain... again!!!!!!!!

    So..just go for it :)

  • I will be doing my Davina DVD tomorrow before work - inside - in the dry! Here's hoping it won't be too wet for you x

  • Go out and run Lorraine! you can record Emmerdale, Good luck!

  • Ha ha, stupid thing is I don't even watch Emmedale but when you're de-motivated, cold and it's dark outside it almost became the favourable option. Glad I did it, I wasn't cold for long and I blinking enjoyed it. Thank you for your encouragement x

  • Ah I remember you from last time , good to see you back Lorraine !

    You CAN do this , you really can and like you say , remember how good you felt last time !

    Chin up Buttercup , let's go ! :-) xxx

  • poppypug - good to see you're still pounding away. I always have a really lovely image of you whenever I see your name appear. Thank you for your encouraging words - especially the "buttercup" bit - that's so lovely x

  • Ah that's so kind of you Lorraine xxx I look forward to you hanging around and letting us know how you're doing :-)

    Take care xxx

  • The first step is always the hardest but the sense of achievement is MASSIVE ! If it helps , I run first thing in the morning before I get ready for work- it is dark so no-one can see me, I know that I've done it and I also know that once my bottom hits the sofa in the evening, I will not be motivated to get up again ! You can do it !

  • I'm back from my run Lorraine, how did it go? Feeling chuffed?

  • It's cold - you'll warm up. It's dark - so good for having a nosey round the neighbourhood. Just go and do it. Once you have the first one out of the way you will soon be back in the swing of it.

  • Welcome back! Consider your a**e kicked. You have to go first thing in the morning. Get out of bed, get your running kit on and go. Don't even look outside first.

  • Yeah - remember you MarkyD. Good to hear from you and great to see you're still at it x

  • Yehhhh - sorted, done and dusted ............ and blinking enjoyed it too!!! I got changed into my kit at work and drove home, parked the car and off I went. The key for me is to most definitely not enter the house first as then I would of got distracted and found a reason to do it tomorrow, and as we all know, tomorrow will bring another excuse. Sounds silly, especially to all you runners out there, but I did genuinely enjoy it and will be following the same train of thought on Wednesday.

    Once again, this forum is invaluable, I needed a kick up the rear and just a touch of motivation and I got exactly that, thank you masses x

  • Stop dilly dallying Miss Lorraine and haul your arse out that door and go for a run!! Simples! If you don't do it soon...I'm sending da boyz raaaahnd!!

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