July was all uphill!!!

July was all uphill!!!

I graduated C25k 3 years ago now and I have to say I'm completely and utterly hooked on running. I love to set myself new challenges and for July I completed the Strava climb 3000 metres. I'm lucky enough to have some hilly trails on my doorstep. I even made myself a medal from ferns ( I'm completely nuts)!

So I wanted to encourage you that after graduation there is loads you can achieve... The World is your oyster.... Join us on the marathon running and race support for support, advice on your training and regular fun polls... healthunlocked.com/marathon...

Most of all, the best advice I can give you is to have fun and enjoy your running :)


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  • Three years! Happy runniversary. It's mine too in a couple of days. Can I join the marathon forum? Even though I can only run for one minute at a time... ;-)

  • Of course I would be honoured to have you there... 😎

  • You can run a marathon - one minute at a time !! :) In fact, everybody does that!! :)

  • You're so literal Bazza! :-) Guess I was asking for that one. But seriously, at the moment I can only "run" (aka shuffle, very slowly) for one minute at a time and then walk for 90 secs so a marathon may take a VERY long time indeed.

  • I did exactly that in a half marathon 3 weeks ago - finished in 2hours 28mins 44 seconds :) Probabaly walked for more like 60 seconds though :)

  • That's 7 minute kms - a really impressive time. My cousin in Florida has 'Gallowayed' two marathons, she keeps asking me to come over and do one with her – tempting, when I'm fully fit again.

  • Such a great inspirational post, thank you 🌞

  • Well done Juju - always challenging yourself to do more, longer, faster and now higher!

    Happy runniversary!

  • Wow, well done.

  • Happy Runniversary...loving that Green Bling too!

  • Oh I hope against hope that I will truly keep loving to run and three years down the line I will be able to mark my progress. What an inspirational post!

  • Amazing challenge Juju! Well done, as ever you keep on inspiring!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»

  • Great stuff! Well done to our resident panther ☺

  • Happy Runniversary, ju-ju- You are the coolest runner I know πŸ‘

  • Great to see there's life after the C25K!

    Happy runniversary πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

  • THERE!! I was right!! You are getting younger !! :)

  • Happy runniversary juju, and congratulations on completing your strava challenge! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • Well done! What an inspiration. To be honest you are one of my many heroes (well heroine in your case). You posted a video of yourself running the Brighton marathon and I watched it with awe - for the first time I understood what it meant to be able to run and talk at the same time. You weren't even out of breath - that has really stuck in my mind. Hope I can do that in three years time! Onwards and upwards!

  • Brilliant post Ju-Ju- I can't say (yet) that I'd ever manage a marathon. But I used to say that about a mile... πŸƒπŸ‘

  • That's brilliant JJ and I just love that bling!

  • Ooh. An elevation quest might be in order for me.... Well done JJ

  • Congratulations! And I love the bling! Your enthusiasm for running is catching- I might even have a go at doing more hills!

  • Woohoo happy runiversary

  • Great post JJ, the Panther goes from strength to strength!! :)

    Happy runniversary and congratulations on your 3000m challenge :-O It still amazes me how you can look so glamorous after doing a run that would kill a lesser mortal. xx

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