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How fast do you all jog?

I've just gone from jogging outside to inside on a treadmill because my gym membership has started up again after a month off, but i have no idea how fast i was running outside to carry on running the same pace inside. I've just finished doing week 3 (i do 4 runs instead of the 3) and i ran on the treadmill at about 6.8 and i managed it with ease which was odd as the previous run i was pretty out of breath but when i went up to 7.0 it was a bit too hard :/ so just wondering what speed everyone else usually jogs at so that i know wether i'm running too slow.

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Hi catcrawf3,

It is not a question of the speed you are doing so much as the effort that you are putting in. I have read that as a measure of your effort, if you are working well in the running parts, you should be able to say a few words, like the odd sentence, but not be able to hold full on conversations or sing! If you can do that, it's too easy! Of course as a measure of your improvement and increased cardio fitness a pace that would have felt a huge effort a few weeks ago might begin to feel easier.

We all run at different paces and have a huge range of speeds for distances on here. Just maintain the effort level, you should see your speed increase.



Ok thanks! I was trying to put more effort in but not be too bouncy at the same time


I have graduated and can only just manage 7km/h as a maintained steady pace. Bear in mind people normally advise that if you are running on a treadmill then it can help to put the gradient to 1 or 2% as it is more like running outside.


I've heard that so i put it up to 1% before i started


I run at 7kph on the treadmill. It hasnt failed me yet. I have just completed my third 25 minute run.

I moved to 7kph around week 4 from 6.5kph. On monday i began my second 25 minute run at 7.5kph i kept it up for, i think, about ten minutes without too much trouble but i had to drop down to 7kph for most of the rest of the run.

I dont know if it was psychological or not but i was so exhausted for the last five minutes that i had to knock it down to 6.5kph. The perspiration was far worse than the first 25 min run, or the one i did today.

Just that small up in speed pushed me to a point where i almost couldnt complete the run.

My way of looking at it is let me manage to do the thirty minutes of running, then let me get to 5k of running, probably 40 mins. When i get to that point start trying to up the speed.

Endurance first, speed second.


I started running at 5.0 from W1 but am now on W5 and walking at 5.5 and running at 7.5. I wasn't sure at what speed to run/walk so I have just done what I feel comfortable with. Today I did my 2nd run on W5 and am delighted that I managed the full 8 min runs as when I started this I was struggling with the 60sec runs, I did each week twice as I found it better for me, but from now I am doing it as it should be done.I think you should just do what you feel comfortable with.


I've found that my speed has increased gradually as the weeks have gone by but by such a small amount each time i've not noticed it being harder. Difference for me is being able to keep going longer - my normal runs are now 45 - 70 mins each time. I'm currently doing about 8.5 kph, tried a quicker one tonight but got tired very quickly so going back to letting the improvements develop organically. In some ways the time / distance is secondary as I just keep reminding myself what I was capable of when I started in January (which was virtually nothing!)


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