Park run is fab!

Hi all,

Well I've done it! My very first park run. Really enjoyed it, very welcoming people, great encouragement all the way round. Thought I was the last runner at one point, my time was just over 37 minutes. Slow I know, but what means more to me is I have run 5k it's official! I am so pleased with that. And Cambridge (Milton) park run - I'll be back!

Don't be worried about going to your local park run, do it, you'll be glad you did!

I'd like to be sub 35 minutes, but that's my next goal, may take some time.........


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24 Replies

  • Congratulations ! Sounds like another convert to Parkrun

  • Thanks, made me laugh being in the 'veteran' age group, (50+), definitely a convert, though.


  • I did 1st parkruns when I was 59 and got really excited as approached 60 cos that took me into next age category so my % improved overnight Madge.

  • Excellent!, so, if I keep going at this steady rate until I am about 70, they will view me with awe! Sounds like a plan, ha ha

  • Well done MAdge! Glad you enjoyed it. I think once you've taken the plunge and registered the run comes as a bit of a relief.

  • Thanks miss wobble, don't think I could be as fast as you, though, and yes, not sure why I was so nervous about going, but as you say, once you've registered the rest is 'easy' . To be honest, I don't think I would have cared if I was the last runner, I completed it, that's what mattered.

    Happy running !


  • I was last for a bit but it felt comfortable there.

  • Wow well done for taking the plunge, it's what keeps me going during the week, fear of not being able to complete park run on Saturday !

  • Thanks henpen90, I can see this becoming a regular fixture in my diary, can't quite put my finger on exactly why I was so elated, but certainly want to go again!


  • There is a parkrun near me now, in Peterborough, but as I work every Saturday, I'm not sure when I'll be able to do one. Holidays, maybe. I need a Sunday one. Well done on doing it.

  • Thanks Melayahm, I do hope you get to do one, It was a really good experience. I think they sometimes do other events as well, so maybe look out for those?


  • Hey Madge50 - How wonderful - you did it. That's the beauty of c25k and beyond - you set yourself a goal and you achieved it - job done - we can never be 'also rans' while we are 'achievers'... Glad that you had a great time at Milton Park Run especially after the recent brouhaha :)

    RIght then, off to my Sunday run to see if I can achieve something :))

  • Thanks Runon, I am sure you will! This running lark is so addictive. I am certainly already looking forward to doing the park run again.


  • You do know that you get a lovely technical T-Shirt after completing 50 - and the thing I like about it is - you can't cheat you have to wait at least 50 weeks lol

  • Hi TheZiggy, yes I have spied those numbers on the results page and there were a few people actually sporting the said t-shirts - oh here we go, another goal has been set!


  • Well done, Parkrun is a great way to keep track of your progress. Running amongst others encourages you to ruin harder, just watch your times drop over the next few months with a host of personal bests.

  • Thanks Colin-H, it's always been about the time for me, having the stamina to continue running for the 30 minutes, so I will increase that a bit, and yes, being in a relaxed atmosphere amongst other 'runners' certainly does spur you on.


  • Running amongst others also makes you run quicker. I ran yesterday in my local Parkrun and a lady kept pace with me right to the end and afterwards came over and thanked me for making her achieve a PB - if she only had only known how tough it was trying to keep up with her lol

  • Brilliant! Love it!

    M x

  • Yes Parkrun is great well done you will achieve sub 35 mins please post your PB.

  • Thanks Mp63, I achieved 37.17 this first time, I was hoping for nearer 35 mins, but being a new track etc., I was very happy with that, it meant more to me getting the 5k as I dont think the iPod i use is that accurate, I took it with me as I do like my background tunes, the iPod made the distance just over 6k so it's a little bit generous!


  • Nice one Madge50! I, too, ran my first Parkrun on Saturday and am also a veteran (!); 56th birthday tomorrow!! My time was 37.36, and I know I can improve on that as I buddy ran a girl who was struggling. The friendliness was wonderful and, for anyone who hasn't given Parkrun a go yet, I would say definitely get involved. Here's to the next one eh Madge?!

  • Thanks Amisnan, absolutely! And happy birthday for tomorrow

  • Thanks x

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