Running shoes query?

Went to buy a new pair of running shoes today, ASICS, I just love them. However the style I have bought two pairs of over the last 3 years are no longer available. They have changed the model twice since and the replacement equivalent no longer fits or suits my feet. Need to try a different brand altogether I think, does anyone have any knowlege of Brooks running shoes?

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  • Hi I just bought a pair of brooks ghosts 5. These are my first pair of running shoes so I can't compare them with anything that I had previous. They have good reviews if you google them and I really found them comfortable. I went to sweatshop and had my gait analysised on a treadmill. These were the ones that I found most suited me.

  • Hi OldGirl, you could look online to see if someone stocks some of the "old" style. I guess you know your size already, and label in the tongue should have the model (I think).

    Might be worth a try (and cheaper) as so many people wouldn't wear "last season" (although I am not so fussy). Good luck finding your old friends.

  • Thanks mo3b, have already tried that, 37 size all sold out, its so frustrating, especially when you know they suit your feet too.

  • I saw loads of Asics Gels on sale in my running store last week, so we could always arrange a shipping from France if they are the right model & size (I am serious), Us C25K crew need to stick together for the cause.

  • Hi Oldgirl

    Have you tried They stock lots of last seasons and very good prices, you never know.....

  • Thanks for that, not tried them but will do. Will keep you posted.

  • I have some Brooks and they seem excellent, though I have nothing much to compare them with. They were easily the best fit for me and I tried several other makes at the time (including Asics, which my daughter also swears by).

  • Meant to say that I took a half size up on my normal shoe size though, so their sizing seems to be on the small side.

  • Thats right they are smaller Landesman, I tried a pair on in Glasgow yesterday, they were comfortable but I had no idea what they were like and spending over £100 on shoes you have no knowledge of goes against the grain with me. We have a Run-4-It shop in Aberdeen and I think they stock them so I can at least get if I decide on Brooks.

  • Hi there. I started running in March this year, and before I did anything else, I went to the running shop in Fochabers for shoes. I had a gait analysis done, and ended up with a pair of Brooks (Summon 4). I'm really pleased with them, and I know my marathon running niece wore Brooks before she recently changed to Cloudsurfers. Admittedly I haven't tried anything else, but mine do me fine. I ended up with a size bigger than my usual shoe size.

  • My road running shoes are Brooks Adrenaline GTS12 which I got from Run4It last year. They've felt brilliant and supported my feet well right from the start. I got size 6.5, with my 'usual' shoe size varying between 5.5 and 6 depending on fit.

  • I have Brooks Ghost 4, a bit cheaper than the ghost 5. They're neutral shoes and really comfortable, but when I get new ones I will get a half size larger than these, or try for wider ones.

  • Hi everyone who answered my query, firstly thank you very much your comments really helped me.

    Today I went into Run-4-It which is my local specialst running shop and the staff in there are brilliant. Feet and gait were checked as a matter of course, they don't sell runners until they know what feet they are going to be used for. Also asked if I had any injuries etc.

    Out came the ASICS which I had tried on in another shop and I also asked to see Brooks.

    Long and short of it was ASICS new shoes are not for me any longer, they have a new built in support on the inner arch which is too firm for my feet. Brooks were like gloves, as soon as they went on, done deal. I am now the very proud owner of Brooks Ghost 1/2 size bigger than previous shoes. Have been told to try them out at the gym first before venturing outside and have 28 days to return for change if I have problems. You can't get better than that :)

  • Sounds as though you got a good deal there. I was gait analysed a few weeks ago at Up and Running in Swansea and the Brooks Vapor 10 fitted like a glove. They are my very first pair of running shoes so nothing to compare them with but they have made a big difference to my running. Good luck with your new shoes and enjoy your future runs.

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