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Sparkling in the dark :-) W5r2(third time!)

Last night as Mr Rainbow picked me up from work, he mentioned that our daughters were supposed to be cooking tea while he was out, so I might not be able to go for my run as soon as I got in, as I'd intended. No need to worry though - the girls were their ususal selves, so the oven was only turned on as the car parked! So having sorted Small (hah!) out with what we could have, I went out to work up an appetite :)

Bright pink top, green LED armband, and my fancy trainer laces - noone was going to overlook me! It's important to be safe, after all... ;) So off I went. First run, the first minute always goes by soo quickly, but then time slows down! As I was running round the cul-de-sac at the end of the village, a man who was just parking his car complimented my arm band. Made me feel like a real, proper runner, that did - exchanging a few nice words without losing pace ;) And I couldn't help remembering when I used to run around the next village, not brave enough to wear hi-vis things and nervously aware of how invisible I was to traffic. Those days are clearly long gone!

A nice walk to catch my breath, and I realised how quickly I recovered, even though my mind tells me I'm still very out of practice. Seems like my body disagrees (and isn't that just the story of C25K?!). Down past the pub - ooh, it's opened again after its refurb - to the bottom of the village, and time to start running again.

Three minutes in, getting to the (very short, not really very) steep bit, legs wanting to stop running, but this time my mind overruled and said I could keep going, I was nearly back on the level. So I kept going. And going. And then it was the end! Week 5 run 2 completed again.

I think I probably do need to move on to run 3 next time. I've lost count of how many times I've done Week 5 in the past, and this still fills me with dread! But I know I can do it really... That's my weekend challenge.

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Wahay! Great stuff!

Incidentally, flashing reflective arm bands are £1.99 for a pack of two in Aldi.

Good to hear the pub is open after its refurb. Keep going past there though ey.

I hope your dinner was good when you got back in.


We'll have to try the pub at some point, but no, not while I'm running ;) And yes, dinner was very good :)


Thanks for the tip off misswobble I've just been to Aldi and bought some, brilliant!


Brilliant run, love the thought of the flashing arm band. Yes definitely time to move on, you are so ready😀


No-one is gong to miss you.. very snazzy Go you!


Lovely post :) . And I know so well the teen boy leaping into action with whatever task I have left him with as soon as he hears my key in the lock.

Look forward to hearing how you smashed your weekend challenge!


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