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Wk6 completed - first time in the rain

This running lark seems to be mind over matter. I get out the door first thing, before my brain tells me otherwise, but wk6 was difficult and daunting- until run3.

I set off in cloudy weather but a downpour started about 5 minutes into the run. My concentration from then on was to keep my car keys and remote dry and I think it was this distraction took my mind off the running. At the end, when the commentary said 'increase the pace' I was quite happy to do so.

The only downside was on return, in the shower - boy, did my nipples hurt! (I'm male by the way).

Never experienced this before, but on reading up on the internet it appears that chafing needs to be stopped and that can be achieved using micropore strips that come off easily after running.

So, there's something else to add to the 'to do' list before venturing out (plus sealable plastic bag for the car keys!).

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Ouch! Sounds like a great run minus the chafing.


Maybe Monistat Chafe Relief Powder-Gel would help for your chafing problems.

Well done finishing your run in rain.


Sorry to hear you are suffering, but didn't you just love running in the rain? Splashing through puddles is great fun!


I love running in the rain too. It keeps me cool and any sweat can be passed of rain. lol

So much quieter outside too.


Sometimes even men has to wear nipple protection. My bib-and-brace pants is a real nipple killer.


It's always in the shower afterwards when chafing is noticed, isn't it? Seems like the combination of a damp running top and the cold makes this problem occur. I've had it once or twice in the rain, too.

Micropore, or vaseline, or a proprietary 'sports lube' gel will help next time.

Glad that W6r3 was otherwise such a great one for you!


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