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third time might be the charm

First time I tried Couch 25k about 18 months ago I got to week 7, with a bit of stopping and starting, in about 4 months. But life kept intervening, and I had to change my schedule, from running at the end of the day to running in the morning. Boy what a difference that made! Suddenly my muscles couldn't take it, for the very first time! My daughter basically explained if you run before eating you burn off glycogen and that's what causes muscle pain - good for losing weight but hard for stamina.

Second time I started I got to week 4 and then someone promised me a pair of Vibrams. (Jammy, I is.) So I thought I'd better start again with them, and with one thing and another, didn't get going till 2 weeks ago. Week 1 went swimmingly but by gum my pore old knees could hardly take me up the stairs for a whole week after. So I gave them a rest and I'm repeating week 1 this week. So far so good, it is a different way of running and I'm hoping it's going to be lighter on the joints. In the end. Fingers crossed!

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Well done for perseverance. You'll go all the way this time, I sure. Are you stretching after your runs. There is a good page of basic stretches linked from the home page of c25k that I found really good


well - I might! Yes, I stretched a lot after that first week but might have put a bit too much strain on the old knees. Practising the fine old art of being gentle with oneself now :-)


Thing is, I'm asthmatic, and managing that during my first try was challenging, and really really satisfying. And it improved my asthma no end. I think that's a big incentive for people with chronic conditions to do this scheme, because the benefits are so remarkable and real.

I'm 57, and asthmatic and all-round generally creaky but I'm still in better shape than 18 months ago, purely because of Couch25k - in spite of quitting twice.


I have to agree with this. I have asthma that is controlled to a point but not great. When I first started running, I couldn't manage the breathing part at all and got exhausted really easy. Then I found the c25k and I'm now on week 5 and managing fine! I think I started trying too much, too quick and by building it up gradually, my asthma doesn't bother me now! It must be doing me some good?!?


It really really does. I had to try all sorts of ways to deal with it when I started - settled on ventolin 15 minutes before a run and keeping my mouth covered during - but by week 5, I went out with friends once and climbed up a steep hill with several flights of steps at the top with nary a wheeze nor puff! I didn't even notice but my friends certainly did.

It's nice as well because now I know I can do it - at least up to week 7 - whereas first time round I thought I might dissolve into a puddle and never be heard of again.

Hope that's not too cocky, there's always the sore joints to worry about.


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