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I've missed you all!

I haven't been on here in a while. Between super hectic work schedule, house painting and general spreading myself too thin I haven't been hugely on top of my running game.....


Which is a miracle for me. I'm excellent at getting too enthusiastic about things and losing interest quickly. I have hd plenty of opportunities where it would have been easy to give up but I've been beavering away in the background with my runs albeit with slightly larger gaps in between than I'd like!

I last posted at W7R1 and am now at W8R2!

Today was an extra special run so I've made time for a little report... I had run about 3.6k in my alloted 28 minutes but felt I had more in me so I decided to abandon the clock and run until Mr Strava told me I had hit 4k. When I thought about it in terms of only 400m to go it seemed perfectly doable and it was! I'm thrilled, yay me! I ran for a total of 30.39 at my usual pace and ran for the longest and furthest I ever have in my life which gives me such a kick. So although the programme is taking me slightly longer than 9 weeks (ok, quite a bit longer), I don't feel disheartened.

So to any newbies - if I can stick with this thing then anyone can!

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That's brilliant! Two of my girlfriends have just started C25K and I am recommending that they join this website for inspiration. It really matters not a jot how long it takes, keeping going is key.


This website has been a lifeline for me - there's probably a stat somewhere that says if you're active on here then you're 99% more likely to succeed or something! I'm sure as an esteemed graduate you will agree :D

There are a huge amount of posts on people starting out full of replies with great advice from people at all stages. This is one of my favourite posts that really illustrates the spirit of this wonderful bunch:


One of the best things to do on this forum is to follow some people on your weeks – it's nice to go through the programme with others at the same stages as you :D Pass on good luck to your friends, we look forward to meeting them :D


Missed you too!

Welcome back... what a hectic time you have had!!!

But, you are back here and heading for the finish line!!! Time...no object, you are going to do this. :)

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Everyone's joyrney along the C25K path is different and individual, the main thing is you are still here and still wanting to finish, that is to 've applauded 😊


Brilliant that you're still getting out there. It doesn't matter how long you take to do it, and you're so close to graduation now...go girl!


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