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Couch/non runner to runner?

I know it seems blindingly obvious but I have suddenly realised that perhaps my struggle with c25k hasn't been as difficult as for other people. Not much of an epiphany but it just struck me that maybe I have had it relatively easy...not wishing to be self indulgent or to come across the wrong way but my reasoning is...

I'm not overweight, 5' 11", 70kgs, skinny with a bit of podge :-( no major health problems, my job entails standing for 9 to 10 hours a day, lifting stuff and walking around a lot.

I have always taken the stairs rather than lifts wherever I am. I park on a side street away from work and walk the five minutes or so to avoid paying for parking. I walk quite quickly compared to most people...

So I think my baseline fitness was always greater than people who drive to work and then sit in front of a computer all day (no offence intended) or those who have major health problems and decide to start running for the first time.

I can't imagine how hard it must be for people to actually start from no exercise to the first few runs. And I can't imagine how hard it could be to run around with an extra suitcase of weight bearing down on your knees or to have started in your mid 50's, 60's or even 70's (again no offence intended). I only wish I had started this 20 years ago...

When I started at the end of June it was hard. Damn hard. I could walk easily but couldn't run 30 feet down the road without getting out of breath. The thought of running even a mile was a ridiculous, impossible dream! I huffed and puffed and wheezed and begged for the 3/5/8 minute runs to end, but maybe my struggle was nothing compared to other peoples'.

I've read loads of inspirational posts on here and cheered people on but am appreciating a lot more how much tougher it must be for some of you.

My journey to graduation has had its' ups and downs, I missed 3 weeks due to knee pain, whether that was the wrong shoes, not stretching enough afterwards or whatever, but I'm not finding the runs any easier although I'm trying to run a bit further and longer each time. The doubts are still there each time along with the desire to quit soon after starting, what helps me each time are the stories on here from those who have had much greater problems than me and have persevered and beaten their personal gremlins.

I suppose the outcome of this is to show RESPECT to all of you. Thanks for your posts. None of us thought we could run and now we are amazing ourselves every week! :-)

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Having just read Noclue's post above I echo that respect.

What a fantastic programme this is!


Lovely post Simmypie. It's a tough programme for all, even tougher for some. Let's all be sure to celebrate our achievements, maintain our new found habits and continue to support those newly undertaking the programme!

This forum is also Something additionally to proud of too!

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Very true sentiments. Like you I came to C25k with a reasonable base level of fitness, although I was in my late fifties and it was indeed the tales of graduation from others with so many health issues to overcome along with the learning to run, that convinced me that I too could become a runner. If only we could get the committed couch dwellers to read this forum and realise they have an option to be fit.

Congratulations on your journey, it has still required dedication and hard work. Keep running, keep smiling.


We Rock.

All of us...all shapes..all sizes..In town or country...outdoors or in the easy path...or a rocky road...1K...10K....newbies or graduates...our running journeys are all different...but we runners..we are the same.

Amazing 🙂

Thanks for the post!


Great post.

If only more people realised almost anyone can do this program!

Perhaps the NHS should/could prescribe running shoes rather than pills?


That's a very good point. There's a real benefit to society generally of having runners out there, beyond the fitness of that individual... in a way there isn't from, say, gyms and swimming pools (although they have their place)... but, this wonderful podcast/app programme aside, not a lot of tangible support.


Many of us have said this... :)


I graduated at the same time as a fit, fast young man and I felt he had a harder time in many ways!

He would get fewer replies on posts mentioning his times and distance etc. which is very unfair considering the effort everyone is putting in- we all need encouragement.

Yes, if you start with a higher base level you will likely achieve faster times and more distance but a newbie is a newbie and you too could have 'not bothered'.

Main thing is we all graduate and continue :) 5k is 5k no matter what the time taken!

Keep running 🏃🏃🏃


Great post - thanks Simmypie and you are so right - we all start this wondering and doubting but we are all runners now 🏃and this forum has made the difference to so many of us 😀


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