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Week 7 looming

So I'm over the flu and completed run 2 week 6 yesterday after 7 days off. It was bit bit of a slog but as we know very slow and steady is the way to go. So one more run takes me to week 7. I've just looked at it and it says the usual 5mins brisk walk and the run for 25mins. So do I do that 3 times in a week every other day ?? Once again thank you everyone who has commented, helped, liked my posts over the weeks. What a brilliant bunch of like minded folk.

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Well done you...!

Yes.... Week 7 gives you solid blocks of running with no walking breaks, ( other than your warm-up and cool- down five mins).

it is good, to just concentrate on your running, maybe your style too, focussing on things you have learned, and taking it really slowly and steadily.

It does not matter how slow that is :) I was, the original Grey Snail..( and the way my left knee feels this morning, likely to be one again)!

Enjoy the last run of Week 6....and, onwards and upwards! :)

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Hi I'm at the same stage as you and just like you slow and steady my main goal is to complete the 9 weeks and as I am doing this on my own I think it's good as I am not trying to keep up with anyone. I tried jog for Scotland but it was only once a week and felt I wasn't fast enough for everyone else! This forum and Laura has been brilliant & so chuffed to get this far!!!! I have a friend also doing it at the same time & we txt each other to keep ourselves going and it's great!! I must admit I'm nervous of the continuous 25mins runs!!! However with the encouragement & support of everyone here I am determined to keep going 😀😀 so good luck and see you at the finishing line 😄😄

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