Back from the dead!

Two years to the day since I graduated, I just ran W1R1 again. I've not run since 11 July due to a hip flexor strain - who knew a muscle could get so damaged - I haven't even been able to walk briskly throughout the summer and had to resort to expensive sports physio to get it right again. The run this morning felt really good. I can just about feel in my left thigh where my injury has been, but I wouldn’t say anything I did today aggravated it. I went super slow and cautious because I was terrified I might end up at square one again, but I think it’s all ok. I found the runs easy (which just goes to show how my residual fitness has improved over the two years - after my first run in June 2014 I thought I was going to expire!) and felt I could have done a lot more, but I am going to behave and see how my post running break body copes.

I set Gloria Garmin off after her almost 3 month break (incidentally she still had two bars of battery life despite not having been turned on since July!), but she wasn’t as keen to get back out there as I was and it took her until my 5th run to lock on to a satellite, so my stats are meaningless. But that’s all ok - I refuse to get hung up on speed - speed is my enemy - every time I got a bit cocky and tried to increase my speed with faster intervals I got injured or ill. The summer with no running has taught me that exercise/running is so important to my mental and physical wellbeing that I shall no longer get hung up on what Gloria says, and I'm not going to feel inadequate when I look at the speeds the good folk on this forum are clocking up, I'm just happy to be out there moving my legs again.

I could’ve done with a pair of gloves this morning – I’ve just realised it’s autumn – oops!

I got home, stretched and foam rollered in the hope that my leg will be kind to me.

I'm back!


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30 Replies

  • Aw this is great Sue !

    Welcome back ! It must have been such a relief to get back out there and what a lovely Autumn morning it is too !

    Hope your continued recovery goes well and I totally agree about not getting hung up on stats and comparing yourself to others .

    Lovely to see you back on here and Happy 2nd Runniversary ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Popster! I've been green with envy reading posts here through the summer, and have enjoyed your music suggestions! Strangely enough, I even enjoyed Laura's offerings this morning. I must be a little demented from my enforced break!

  • Sometimes, the old friends are the best friends :)

  • Well done. It's a lovely time now just to get out there and have a little run. So glad that you have got over the injuries. Take it gently. Slow. Just run for you. I've not gone down the Gloria Garmin route, I know my head, and it would not do me any good!

    Yes it is a bit chilly now..I went out this morning too, but by the end I was fine. Did wear my long top though :) I did try to download some podcasts to listen to but they did not work, I shall have to ask the teenagers :D

    Be kind to yourself and keep going :)

  • Aw thanks! Goodness, I've missed you lot! Nothing but positivity here. x

  • Lovely post UIOLI. Welcome back and it's so great to read that you're back from injury and running again. You'll probably enjoy it more second time around 😊

    And a Happy Runniversary to you too 🎉⭐️🎈

  • Thanks Your Maj. It feels good to me this morning :)

  • Hooray! You are back!

    What a time you have had, but lovely that you are back with us and back out there.:)

    Happy Runniversary to you....:) Slow, and steady, it was always, and still is the way! Well done youx

    It was a tad nippy out there this morning...but so, so beautiful...I feel a Floss ramble coming on for cover :)

  • Sold the tin tent yesterday :( He's gone to live in Windsor Castle though, lucky thing! I've now got a winter with no camper to get through - the new VW is on order and should arrive by spring. In the meantime, I will have to live vicariously through your tin tent tales x

  • Yeay... wow... a tin-tent with Royal connections... I wonder if Irishprincess will use it :)

    A new one.... brilliant... I shall have to up my rambles... although.. we are a home birds right now... waiting for the arrival of the small new person... three weeks to go!!!

    Looking forward to your posts :)

  • Haha floss! How'd you know? 😊

  • Oh that's just so good to read UIOLI, welcome home! So many here have redone the programme, me included earlier this year. Like you I was surprised at how easy the 60 second runs were, and I was FAST! That didn't last long though, I'm back to my same old plod, but I don't care a bit! Keep us posted xxx

  • Ha ha I certainly wasn't fast! But that was on purpose :)

  • It feels so good to get out there after injury doesn't it? I had niggly hips earlier in summer but all has settled down now with improved stretching and strength work. Fingers crossed for your full return.🙂

  • My physio got me doing all kinds of strength things which I have been a bit naughty about over the last couple of weeks and have neglected a bit. I must make myself a star chart or something!

  • Love a star chart!!

  • Welcome back😎

  • Thanks!

  • Welcome back! Steady does it (I could have written that post, so I say that to myself as much as you!) and enjoy the running and walking. I totally agree with you about the importance for mental health as well as physical - it keeps me sane!

  • I can't tell you how much I missed it. I couldn't even go for my long walks. I spend a lot of time on my own, so it's not that I need the 'me' time, but I do like to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air.

  • I could've written that as well!! It's not about 'me time' as such (although it is - in as much as it's about me taking control of MY life) - more about self - care; running gives me something I don't even quite get from brisk walking. Glad you're back at it.

  • Hey missus! Wondered where you'd been, glad you're coming on back, keep us posted on your progress, 🤗


  • Defo. I feel bathed in positivity this morning after all the lovely comments!

  • Welcome back, with your injured runner's wisdom.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I hope my comeback is as successful as yours!

  • Great post and sounded like a fabulous run and yes it's really Autumn - I felt that nip in the air this morning - 😀

  • Good to hear you are back. Glad it went well this morning. Expect you will soon never feel you have been away.

  • Welcome back UIOLI, so happy to hear your injury has cleared up. It's kind of fun restarting the programme, isn't it, even with the gloriously cheesy music. Take it gently. And do keep doing the physio exercises - it's definitely worth persisting, I have first-hand experience of the difference they make to strength and recovery.

  • How lovely to hear you're back running again, useit. Getting reacquainted with Laura is great fun isn't it? I'm really looking forward to reading your posts as you progress through the programme again :)

  • Great to see you back UIOLI :O)

    I agree with what you say, far more important to be out there running and enjoying it than thinking about speed.

    I just run at the speed that feels right on the day. That means occasionally I'lll put in a sub 30mins 5Km, but most of the time they will be significantly longer than 30 minutes. It doesnt matter to me at all, a run is a run :)

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