Our Couch to 5k app is now live in iTunes!

Our Couch to 5k app is now live in iTunes!

Hello everyone, Laura here with exciting news! We have partnered up with Change4Life to turn the NHS Choices Couch to 5K podcasts into an app and it is available to download from iTunes now. If you're an Android user - bear with us - the app will be available in Google Play next week.

The app features my audio instructions - just like the podcasts - but lets you listen to your own music. It also has a progress wall so you can keep track of your runs.

Hopefully you'll approve....but we'd love your thoughts and feedback. We'd also appreciate it if you'd leave a review in the app stores.

Happy running everyone!

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44 Replies

  • Fab. Off to have a look. :-)

  • Ooh, that's brilliant. Can't wait to get the Android app, having just restarted from the beginning. :-)

    Also, it's great to see c25k being linked up with Change4Life. Hopefully it will reach the wider audience it deserves now.

  • Installed! Took a while to find - it didn't come up under c25k search (lots of other stuff, but not this one). I had to search for change4life.

    One immediate thing, I'd like to try using this but I'm part way through the programme already. It looks like it locks later runs until you have done the earlier ones. I managed to get one flagged as "completed" just by fast-forwarding through. That leaves me another 11 to fast forward through... would be nice to have a way to jump into a later week, for example in settings.

  • I think it looks great! It would be good to have a link to this forum though as it is such an important part of people's journeys on C25K. Without the support from the forum, some people would not complete the programme. Being able to look back on your progress through your posts is fantastic motivation too.

  • Absolutely agree. The support here was vital to me completing c25k. If I'd felt like I was doing this all on my own then it could have been so easy to feel defeated at times and give up.

  • Sounds great Laura! I have a Samsung and will have to wait for Android, but super! Plus....I still hope you will do a 10K one day -- without you Laura I'm stuck at around 8K! I know, I know, 8k is better than no run at all eh?

  • 8k is a lot more than I'm doing at the mo' - be proud Delia! But yes, I agree a 10k app would be very welcome. :-)

  • It's just that I feel so inadequate. Most of "our gang" have done 10Ks and half marathons. I know that last year I was on week 7 or something but ...oh you know what I mean :-)

  • Dont feel inadequate Delia! There are still many that are having wobbles here and there but I too am in awe of those moving on to HM's......that is my next goal but dont know when!!

    FYI those of us on the FB C25K group (you REALLY MUST join us - set up an account and use it just for that if need be!! Pleeeeese!!!) a lot are going out at 10am on Sunday to support Ju the Panther on her HM. Care to join us?? xx

  • Absolutely -- but in remote from Italy if possible!

  • Btw Hi Sue xxxxxxx !

  • Hi Delia!! xxxxxxxx

    Also, Hazel (SFB350) is running a HM at 11:07 on Sunday so will certainly be running with her too for support! x

  • As Sue says (Hi btw!) lots of us have had our wobbles, I know very much what you mean - it's hard not to measure ourselves, but I'd be happy if I could get to 8k. :-)

  • Actually I only run 7.5K....I topped it up a bit for effect (blush!)

  • Have been up to the HM but can hardly run 5k at the mo so I would take your 7.5k with delight

  • Me too Ali (well, except the HM bit ;-) )

  • I've just started over again from the beginning (good timing with the Android app coming out!) so 7.5k is a very far off dream right now. ;-)

    Couldn't see an NHS c25k group on Facebook??

  • Yes that would be good, in training for 10K at moment, running 3 miles ok but want to run 6! Thanks Laura, miss your encouragement! :)

  • That sounds fab! I love the option to use your own music, if I need to re-do any weeks I'll definitely use this once it's on android. Thanks!

  • Well done! Good work! I look forward to the Android version. Sounds perfect for the stage I am at! i.e. repeating week 9 all the time.

  • Fantastic, I am sure this will help even more new runners. My wife is doing C25K at the moment, I'm sure she'll prefer being able to listen to her own Playlist!

  • itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cha...

    Found it...will give it a go when Android version is ready :)

  • Yes, I will wait for the Android version too!

  • Very stupid luddite-esque question: how can you listen to Laura's instructions from the new app and your own music at the same time?

  • Not a stupid question at all. Who knows...

  • Probably the same way people do Zombie run with their own music. Which means I have no clue :-) (waves to Delia) xx

  • I use Zombies Run! with my own playlist. The way it works is that in the app you select a playlist you want to use, it then plays your songs between the 'talking bits' and pauses the music when there is talking. So I assume this app will work in a similar way. The only thing the zombies app is missing is the ability to pause or skip songs. I wonder if that is possible in the c25k app?

  • Not a stupid question :) The app and your iTunes can run simultaneously - think of your timer announcing when your food is done while you're listening to music. The app should run the same (not that I have it yet).

  • Is the app available in the UK store only? I'm from France and I can't find it...! :-(

    Also, does someone knows if the app will feature the C25k+ podcasts?

    Thank you very much! :-)

  • Great idea to have an app and to have it tied in with Change 4 Life. We have been discussing publicity for C25k on this forum with the possibility of producing our own posters, but I can get no response from PMs to HU Admin, re copyright issues. Is any body in admin reading this? Is there any chance of you producing a poster to publicise this new app? If there was a link to an A4 poster on this site, then many members would be happy to print and distribute posters in their locality. This wall is hard and my head hurts.

  • This is good news but I can't help feeling sad for all those who will now miss out on the rite of passage that is getting through all the music. Some of it was wonderfully uplifting, and other tracks were motivating because you really didn't want to have to hear them any more times than strictly necessary.

  • I did think exactly the same thing GoogleMe. ;-) Part of the challenge was getting through some of the music!

  • Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. I thought I'd got rid of that rap tune after finishing R1 of W5 but NOOOOO it was there in R2 & 3, please someone tell me there's no more rap

  • Oh no 'Me and Julie,' lost forever!!

  • *giggles*

  • Haha! I'm only on Week 4 but I always try to run away from the banjo/Mumford track during the walk!

  • Brilliant to see the link with Change 4 Life (although I believe it is only NHS England and Wales). Promotion needed now, that is promotion of the app and programme to non-runners, not us! :-)

  • Oh I am from the US so maybe that is why I can't find it:(

  • Disappointed! I can't get it on the NZ itunes store. Are there any plans to make the app available globally? I know there are a lot of people outside of the UK who use this programme, and I'd LOVE to use it with my own music!

  • Any news on the Android app? Lots of us waiting to get it! ;-)

  • Any news on the Android app? Lots of us still waiting to get it! ;-)

  • Any update re: availability of the App outside of UK? I am in Germany, and it still doesn't seem to be available on my local App store.

  • I've been searching for this and can't find it on iTunes at all.

    I've searched under everything I can think of - any tips? I'm usually good at these things

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