Podcasts have vanished :(

Hi can anyone help? I'm part way through week 5 and am really pleased with my progress but the downloadable individual podcasts have vanished off the website, and I have a windows phone so the apps aren't compatible - they haven't made an app that works for windows phones.

Anyone know where I can still get the individual podcasts?

Am gutted to have been thwarted half way through having finally hit my stride! Thanks

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  • That is strange!

    I'm just uploading them to my dropbox account, you can grab them from here dropbox.com/sh/9tk9rz5i72cg...

    They're in the process of uploading, so give it a few minutes :)

  • They're all uploaded now so fill your boots :D

  • Superstar :) My boots are duly filled thank you so much, I feel much chirpier now!

  • Thought it was just me having trouble. I ended up downloading the same C25K but with Carli. Same thing just not Laura.

  • Thanks Peter, I have also filled my boots!

  • I downloaded all the podcasts to my pc and then transferred them to my phone (which is my mp3 player). They're just mp3 files so play as any other music file - rather than relying on the vagaries of the internet when you're out and about.

  • Yes indeed that's what I've been doing and for some reason had only downloaded the first 6 weeks ;)

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