Week 2 two step

Completed week 2 this morning and I'm dancing around (in my head) like a loon! Those silly endorphins! Took Tiggy the Border Terrorist with me this morning (second run with her) and it's really great to have some four legged company. All fine so far, just the usual slow pace, heavy breathing mess when I've finished. Week 3 starts on Sunday which is looking to be a nice day weather-wise so I might take the four legged one down to the river for a change of route. Happy jogging everyone! Bx

2 Replies

  • Well done... sounding good and the river run sounds excellent!

  • Does Tiggy enjoy it? My Springer is really good in the forest, keeps coming back to find me when I turn around (track is short so I have to retrace my steps). Best of luck with week 3 - weather certainly looking better (here in Scotland anyway!)

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