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Get thee behind me, Week 7! Week 8 run 1 done😅🏃🏻‍♀️

I need to turn that runner on the subject line around!

So, after 11 attempts, I managed 25mins for the last three and can safely say I have completed Week 7. I felt I had to do three in a row because it had taken so many 'practice' runs to get there. I know the advice is not to analyse bad runs, but analysing data is part of what I do... and I think that basically I was not fit enough at the start of week 7, which meant I was tiring and letting the gremlins win.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (or at least, further onwards). I did Week 8 run 1 this morning and for the fellow devotees of the podcasts, Laura annoyed me more than Julie 😀

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That's what I call a commitment! Well done!


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