Can I run the day after a failed run?

Hi, Yesterday I tried to do my 30 mins on the treadmill, having achieved it twice before and started to feel a bit sick, I only managed 15 mins before walking for 5 mins then tried again but only managed about 7 mins. My question is, should I try again today or leave it until tomorrow?

I don't run fast at all, 7kph and usually walk at 5.8-6kph. I was disappointed yesterday and am quite desperate to wipe the slate and complete it but I don't know if that will set me back?


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7 Replies

  • i'd leave it for a day at least - think your body is trying to tell you something...Tho I'm no expert.

  • Thank you, I think you may be right, although I am so desperate to "put it right". Might need to go for a long walk instead.

  • i know it's incredibly dispiriting when you 'fail' a run but I'm trying to take it in my stride (haha) a bit more and not get so strung out about it because as the blessed Laura says it's about building reliance so even if you don't do the full distance you're still doing something so it all helps in the long run (haha - not). I walk when i 'fail' a run so I'm still being active. It's all to the good, I've decided!!

  • Disspiriting is the word for sure. I used to have to C25K app with Laura on my phone but the app is discontinued and I didn't like the music on the podcasts, so I miss Laura. I'm still following the programme for timings just without the lovely guidance and pep talks.😔 Thank you for your support. Much appreciated. 😊

  • Pleasure!

  • Have a rest day and try again tomorrow. If your body didn't cope yesterday for some reason a rest may be what it needs.

    Rest days are designed into the programme for a reason and you did run for more than 20 minutes yesterday.

    Sometimes we just have a bad run - or a practice run as Irishjohn terms it. No worries, it's all part of running. You'll be fine next time out.

  • Thank you, I have resigned myself to not running today, although I am itching to have another go. Just need to eat well today and look forward to tomorrow!

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