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W4R1 Back to it (hopefully)

So after getting to week 6, getting ill and then going on holiday, decided to try and get back to it.

It's now around 5 weeks since I have done a 'proper' run so really wasn't sure where to start. I was dog sitting for a week so did try to keep up a bit of fitness there walking him a couple of times a day and going on some short runs with him (1\4 mile or so), also a bit of swimming and a lot of walking whilst on hols.

Decided Week4 might be a good place to try and start again. If it was too much I thought I could repeat until ready or go back another week.

It went ok, took it really steady, took longer to regain my breath than before my hiatus but was ready each time the run came around.

A couple of times I felt my symptoms kick in again, docs still don't know what it is unfortunately, all tests so far have come back fine. Get a sudden tight band feeling in my chest, breathing goes all out of wack, happens really suddenly but if I control it disappears just as quickly too, doesn't feel linked to fitness really as I can be fine just before and after it happens as long as I keep it under control :(

At the moment it's been put it down to acid reflux, but really not sure atm. Obviously a lot more difficult to control when running, but does seem to be a trigger as I've been pretty much fine for a good few weeks now.

On a couple of occasions previously it has also triggered a panic attack, but a difficult thing to learn to cope with as I'm not sure if it is the chest tightening that causes the anxiety attack or anxiety that causes the initial chest tightening. Less I think about it the better anyway!

Frustrating but managed to pull through it today.

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well done you... you are coping really well. it may not be helpful but i wrote this a while ago:

Also followed you on Strava, not sure if you are a member but we have a C25k group on Strava which is fab . Good luck for the next run :)

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Thanks ju-ju! Sure think I'm already part of the group, and it's great to catch up with how everyone is doing. Those tips are brilliant thanks, will definitely give them a try if I'm struggling.

Usually find though if I don't think about breathing I get on fine, which is hard to do if it starts playing up! Hopefully once I've had a good few runs under my belt it'll help me relax back into the groove again. :)


Stick with it. It works and is a brilliant way to start running.

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Great to see you're back sHAYM4N and feeling a bit better. Hope you had a great holiday too. Keep at it :-)


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