Week 7 struggling

Have taken some time off over the summer holidays due to family life but am back on it and doing ok. Just have a question did week 7 run 1 and ran 25mins without much of a problem but tried run 2 a couple of days ago and failed miserably, has anybody else felt like this? I just could get my breathing under control and could only manage 10 mins, really disheartening as I know I can do it. Not sure if it is more mental but now due out for a run this morning and really worried it will happen again. Any advice? Am running same time of day, may try more fluids beforehand today. Thanks in advance am determined to do this and do my first park run.


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  • Yep - same happened to me. Interestingly enough on week 7. I had 5 or 6 weeks off with a bad foot and then went on holiday and picked up back at week 7. I felt like I was on that week forever! For me, the first run I made it to about 20 minutes and had to stop. So I put that down to a practice run to be able to get into it. A few days later I went out again and struggled even more than the last time. I put that down to a practice run too. I got there eventually though! I think you just need to coax your legs back into the swing of things and it will come. Just put it down as a practice run and have another go next time. It's hard after taking time off but it comes back fairly quickly. Go out with a "I can do this" attitude on your next run, dont dwell on the previous one, think of that one as a warm up to this run where you'll finish it. You know you can do it if you've done it once before. Slow down a bit if your breathing starts to get a bit erratic and take it easy. You've got this next run in the bag for sure X

  • Are you saying you ran W7R1 without problems and then after a break found W7R2 difficult? If you had a couple of weeks off, then it is a big proportion of your total running career, so maybe is not that strange. Your ability and condition will decline if not keeping up the frequency, but don't worry it will soon come back again once you get back to it regularly.

    Stop thinking too much about it and relax, because that way you will run better. Many people have setbacks, but they are only tiny blips in a lifetime of running, so keep it in proportion and keep going. Remember, every run is practice for the next one.

  • Slow and steady, and do not worry about this little blip! We all have them for lots of reasons.

    Life has this habit of getting in the way of running, but, if you take it gently , accept how you feel and just keep telling yourself, that you can do this. Focus on how far you have come and move on with confidence..

    Squish those mind gremlins with every slow step :)

  • I've just finished Week 7 but these runs have been the most difficult in ages.

    There's nothing left in the tank when I get to the end. No chance of speeding up for the last minute.

    My first Week 8 run will be in Tuesday morning and I'm not sure where I'll find the energy for an extra 3 minutes.

    Onwards and upwards though. We're nearly there! Keep going Jen!

  • You'll find the energy from somewhere, it's like you have a hidden reserve fuel tank. Just think it's only 3 minutes more. The way I looked at it was 1 and a half minutes extra in the first half, and the same in the second half. You'll be fine.

  • Thank you, I'm the most suggestible person that I know so your 'you'll be fine' will make all the difference.

  • Thanks everybody have just gone out and ran for 25 mins, so wk 7 run 2 completed. Went out with a more positive attitude and did it breathing was fine. Not sure what happened last time but onwards and upwards.

  • Yay! 👏👏👏

  • Well done - just about to write to your original post and found this 😀 First run obviously just a blip!! 😀

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