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Procrastination and laziness diet

Hi all. Not been on for a while as felt too guilty. My last run was on 30th June. I've been meaning to carry on running but the main hurdle - the front door - has been in the way, coupled with a new job and all sorts of personal issues. Just excuses really I know.

Well, staying in Llandudno for 3 days this week and there is a lovely promenade, with a hill up and around the coast. I forced myself to go and run at 6:45. Well - I did it!!! I thought that, because of the length of time since my last run, I wouldn't be able to do 5k straight away, so planned for a 3k today, 3.5k on Thursday and go from there, back up to 10k, 3 - 4 times a week. Really surprised myself as felt fine this morning, did 5k (although not particularly quickly). No aches or pains (yet) as did a set of longer stretches at the beginning and end of the run.

Plan is for 5.5k Thursday, and on from there. On holiday in Lanzarote in October so, hopefully, I can get a few runs in there as well. Just need to keep myself motivated!

Happy running all.


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Ooooh get you! Lanzarote! Fantastico.

So, back to Llandudno. I reckon you can see Beaumaris from there. Have a look to see if you can see the pier there. Not been to Llandudno but I hear it's lovely, so lucky you to be running there.

Make sure you stick to running this time! Fancy, not getting out for a run. I can't imagine such a thing. I reckon I'd go bonkers. In fact I'm sure I would.

Have fun!!!


It is beautiful. Can see the pier there as well which is great. I have been going bonkers but always making excuses as to why I couldn't go! My own fault and i'm gonna make sure that i keep at it again this time.


I went to llandudno a while back. I seem to remember there's a small hill called the great orme. Maybe you could run up and down it a few times?


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